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Grand Theft Auto IV

Well, thats my excuse to buy a PS3 later in the year sorted then. I can’t wait to play this game, San Andreas was a masterpiece in my opinion and I look forward to wasting a few more hours of…

Ballmer joins Linux Foundation board

Hilarious story, obviously a prank but really well written, it will bring a smile to all open-source fans but not the Microsoft legal army I suspect. Go and read it now before it’s taken down. Enjoy 😀

My Tony Soprano Look

Bad day at the office??? A friend took this pic a while ago, apparently I get this Tony Soprano look when I’m mad. It’s not deliberate, guess it just comes naturally 🙂

Welcome one and all

Hello and welcome to my new blog, I’m just in the process of setting all this up so there isn’t a lot to see at the moment, sorry. Please check back soon to see something a bit more interesting… only…