I’m a trained and experienced sound engineer. After finishing music college I went on to work as an engineer and theatre technician for a number of years. Making things sound good and tinkering with audio has always been close to my heart. I just love it.

I’ve done a lot of live engineering for various bands at gigs and on tour, I also have a home studio where I produce music, podcasts and radio content. Using many different software and hardware platforms over the years has given me a solid background in production.

A photo of my home studio

Here’s a couple of projects I’ve been involved with:

Severed Fifth Promo Pic Of JonoI was asked by fellow freedom lover Jono Bacon to master the new album by his metal outfit Severed Fifth. He sent me high quality wave files of the mixes and I then set to work in the studio. I used multi-band compression, EQ and some other tricks to enhance and improve the overall sound. Maximizing the volume and tightening up the audio without losing dynamics or killing the freedom of the playing. A delicate balance.

The result is a professionally mastered album which sounds great. The album “Nightmares By Design” is now available to download.

I was also very proud to act as producer for my friends at the Software Freedom Law Show. I advised them on what microphones to buy, then how to set them up and achieve the best recording results. I took the raw audio they sent and cut it all together into a professional sounding podcast every fortnight. This is all done with 100% Free Software tools which is very important to them, and to me. They have since gone on to rename the show Free As In Freedom and I still produce it.