Music is something of an obsession for me. Whether it’s playing it, listening to it, writing or broadcasting about it on ArroweSound Hospital Radio. I started playing the bass guitar when I was about 12 years old and since then I’ve played guitar, keyboards, drums, banjo, harmonica and all sorts of other things. I also sing with a comically high voice for a person of my size. I’ve been in many bands over the years and made a lot of music. I was very proud to sing and play guitar in Liverpool rock band 20lb Sounds. Find the music on Bandcamp.

Memory Box EP (2007)

(Recorded 2007, Released 2023)

Random Relics (2005-2011)

This is a collection of random tracks I’ve recorded and released since 2005. I put the whole up on Bandcamp but it’s not really a proper album. The download is free, you name the price.


Other Projects:

Kagnee – A crazy ska/punk band I was in 2002 – 2005. (Click the album cover)

Kagnee - Logic Bomb album art. My friend H putting his head through a TV set.

Shed Music – A musical collaboration and attempted online record label at a time when the Internet wasn’t ready for us. At least the dial-up speeds weren’t anyway. (Click the album cover)

The Shed Collective album cover. A cartoon shed descending over the Mersey via parachute.