Podcasting is something I fell into in early 2007. I wasn’t a trailblazer, or even close, they’d already been around for years. I like to think I’ve been doing it long enough to know a few things about it by now though. A podcast is a pre-produced piece of audio delivered in episodic form by subscription. Episodes of radio delivered by the internet in little packages. Listeners subscribe and download episodes automatically then listen on their media player or computer, usually through an RSS feed or perhaps by a client like iTunes (boo hiss, only joking). Despite the name it has nothing to do with the iPod. It’s true that they’re very popular media players and because of this most people associate this new media with them. So the name podcast has stuck. Please remember: You don’t need an iPod to enjoy podcasts!

Here’s some information about the various shows I’m involved with.

unattested.podfactory.orgTales Of The Unattested is my latest podcast (as of Sept 2018 at least). Together with my awesome co-host Caz we discuss the anonymous confessions people send us through the website and always veer off down avenues of our own life experiences and pop culture references. We are also both massive comic book nerds and usually end up mentioning our respective comic book alter-egos. Star-Lord for me and Johnny The Homicidal Maniac for Caz.

Check it out, we only post sporadically though.

Visit unattested.club for more info

FLOSS Weekly cover art. Tux penguin and BSD logo.FLOSS Weekly airs every Wednesday on the world renowned TWIT Network, famous for it’s tech podcasts and started by Leo Laporte in 2006. I occasionally host and/or co-host the show with Randal Schwartz and others. Each episode focuses on one Free Software project and consists of an interview with their representative. It’s probably the most technical show I do and regularly contains in depth programming discussions. At which point I can usually be relied upon to ask an incisive questions like “So… what’s your favourite colour?”.

Visit TWIT.tv/floss for more info

FaiF - blue text on a turquoise backgroundI am also very proud to work with the good folks at Free As In Freedom. I produce their bi-weekly show, discussing the latest legal and political matters in FOSS. Presented with style and humour by Bradley Kuhn and Karen Sandler the show has gathered a good following. They make sense of the important issues affecting the Free Software world today and also feature talks and interviews from leading figures in the field. Check them out.

Visit faif.us for more details

DEFUNCT SHOWS (Ones I used to do):

linux outlaws cover artLinux Outlaws was a weekly podcast about Linux and free open source software. The show ran between 2007 and 2014. Here is the old info… We are just normal guys who use Linux every day rather than hardcore kernel hackers. On the show we talk about interesting news and developments, the latest releases, guests and much more. Often with attitude and a humorous angle. The podcast has been described as “very laid-back” by listeners and reviewers alike. We don’t claim to be gurus or experts on anything really, but we try very hard to provide you with good entertainment and interesting information. Linux Outlaws has won a number of awards and was voted top podcast by Linux Format magazine in 2011.

Visit LinuxOutlaws.com for more info

Rathole Radio was a fortnightly Internet radio show and podcast featuring music, interviews, laughs and live performances. The show is not officially dead but was put on indefinite hiatus for reasons of poor health on my part. The aim is to introduce you to the best new music on the web, eclectic sounds you won’t have heard before, whatever the genre. Boundaries and pigeon holes are meaningless, open your mind to new things. This is music made by artists who understand the net and treat their fans like people. So far I’ve interviewed artists such as Alexei SayleMC Frontalot, I Am Not LefthandedProfessor Kliq, David Rovics and Jono Bacon. I also perform live acoustic tracks myself from time to time and organise annual live gigs.

Visit RatholeRadio.org to find out more