Just Left Of Ghandi

I stumbled across this the other day. The political compass, it attempts to assess your political attitudes and values. It goes beyond the usual left-wing / right-wing economic model to include social aspects as well. I found it really interesting and I recommend you try it out if you are interested in politics. It only takes a few minutes.


Apparently I’m just to the left of Ghandi and I can’t help thinking that would make a great country song, I can hear it now…”cos I’m just left of Ghandi, just right of where I wanna be”… hit me with the Banjo solo 😉

I am a left-wing libertarian apparently and that sounds pretty good to me. I’m in the illustrious company of Ghandi, Thomas Paine, Noam Chomsky and Nelson Mandela. I scored -7 on the political scale and -3.35 on the social scale. About where I thought I’d be if I’m honest but now I can’t decide if somehow I subconsciously influenced the results to fit. That’s one to ponder.

Right, now I’m off to find an orange bathrobe, some thick NHS glasses and a Bic razor 😀

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