Ahoy Hoy!

A photo of Dan Lynch with black stetson hat looking towards camera.

Hello and welcome, my name’s Dan. I’m a broadcaster, writer and musician from Liverpool in the UK. Here you’ll find my writings, music, podcasts and all kinds of other stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to have a browse, or just put your feet up and pretend to be working when the boss walks past asking about cover sheets for your TPS reports. It’s all good 🙂

FLOSS Weekly

  • FLOSS-792 Jonathan: Hey, this week Jeff Massey joins me and we talk with Sylvestre Ledru about the re-implementation of ls, cp and a bunch of other utilities in Rust. But they're not […]
  • This week Jonathan Bennett and Jeff Massie chat with Sylvestre Ledru about the Rust Coreutils! Why would we want to reimplement 50 year old utilities, what's the benefit of doing them in […]
  • This week David Ruggles chats with Jonathan Bennett to get his origin story! What early core memory does Jonathan pin his lifelong computer hobby on? And how was a tense meeting instrumental […]
  • FLOSS-791 Jonathan: Hey, this week on the show, David Ruggles joins me to talk about my origin story. Due to a bit of a scheduling snafu, it's just the two of us, […]

Tales Of The Unattested