Ahoy Hoy!

A photo of Dan Lynch with black stetson hat looking towards camera.

Hello and welcome, my name’s Dan. I’m a broadcaster, writer and musician from Liverpool in the UK. Here you’ll find my writings, music, podcasts and all kinds of other stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to have a browse, or just put your feet up and pretend to be working when the boss walks past asking about cover sheets for your TPS reports. It’s all good 🙂

FLOSS Weekly

  • FLOSS-771 Jonathan: This is Floss Weekly, episode 771, recorded Wednesday, February 21st. Kalpa. Because nobody knows what hysteresis is. This week, Dan Lynch joins me, and we talk with Shawn Dunn about […]
  • This week Jonathan Bennett and Dan Lynch chat with Shawn W Dunn about openSUSE Kalpa, the atomic version of openSUSE Tumbleweed, with a KDE twist. What exactly do we mean by an […]
  • FLOSS-770 Jonathan Bennett: This is Floss Weekly, episode 770. Recorded Wednesday, February 14th. 10 percent more internet. Hey, this week, Doc Searles joins me, and we talk with David Tot about the […]
  • This week Jonathan Bennett and Doc Searls chat with David Taht about the Internet. Primarily the IPv4 exhaustion issue, IPv6, and why there's 10%-20% of our current IPv4 addresses sitting unused.  It […]

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