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Back again with another post, one that has been in draft status for a loooong time in WordPress. Many of you reading this will already know but for about 18 months now I’ve been doing a podcast called Tales Of The Unattested with my good friend Caroline Keep. We have long rambling chats and while we haven’t done it yet we hope to record some episodes remotely during the current lock down. Normally we record from the comfort of my couch but we have the technology to record anywhere. Today I’m going to attempt to do something both of us have struggled with since the pod first came about, describe what it actually is hehehe…

I am still really proud of the name because I came up with it, Caz created the idea of the format though, so it’s very much a team effort. We get anonymous messages and submissions from listeners (the “unattested” if you will) and talk about their stories, confessions or whatever else they send. So the name is pretty obvious but I do love the pun on Tales Of The Unexpected a classic British sci-fi series, created by non other than Roald Dahl.

tales of the unexpected
Classic show “Tales Of The Unexpected”

In practice we spend as much (if not more time) talking on the show about our shared love of TV, film, music, comics, books and all things pop culture. Along with life experiences like dating, illness, sex, funerals and nothing is off bounds. The show is most definitely not safe for work, we swear. It’s about an hour each time and we have a really good laugh. Give it a listen if you have some time to fill at the moment and could use some entertainment.

Tales Of The Unattested album art
Unattested Album Art

Podcasting is something I’ve done since 2007 and I suppose that makes me an old veteran at this point. I do love to chat and combined with my audio engineer/geek background it was probably inevitable that I would fall into podcasting. Check out the podcast page for more info on that.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of the pod and also any recommendations of other pods to listen to. Send us a message through our website or direct email, even Twitter @UnattestedPod. We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, take care out there everyone 🙂


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