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Hello everyone, it’s been a really long time since I updated the blog so I hope you’re all well. As some of you may know it’s the 10th anniversary of OggCamp this year, 2019. How can it be 10 years since we all gathered in that hotel function room in Wolverhampton for the first one?! A sobering thought indeed. We’re holding an event in Manchester this October 19th & 20th to celebrate and you don’t want to miss it.

A photo of the presenters lined up on stage at the first OggCamp in Wolverhampton
The first OggCamp in Wolverhampton. Photo credit – @biglesp on Twitter

For the uninitiated OggCamp is the largest community organised FOSS and Free Culture event in the UK. It includes not just techy stuff but art, music and more. I’m proud to have been one of the main organisers since the beginning. In past years we’ve had many hundreds of people come and join in. In 2012 I even managed to get the one and only Stephen Fry to do a talk for us via video, remember that? Still not sure how I managed that but maybe I’m more persuasive than I thought.

OggCamp is free to attend, it always has been and in my opinion it always should be. Many people give donations in return for their tickets but it’s not a requirement. Anyone can come along and we pride ourselves on that. Regardless of financial means, age, religion, race, disability, sexuality or any other distinction. We’re a broad church and all are welcome. The event does cost money to run though, and that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today.

Show us the money! Photo credit: www.SeniorLiving.Org CC BY-SA

I’m currently on the hunt for sponsors to support OggCamp19 and while we don’t need a fortune we’re still 3000-4000 pounds short of where we need to be. That’s just being transparent and frank with you as I always am. We’re still 6 months away from the big day so there’s no panic yet, this is not an emergency post by any means. I just want to raise awareness.

So if you know of a company or organisation who may be interested in supporting this unique event and gaining great promotion in return, not to mention our eternal gratitude, please download the sponsor pack PDF and send it to them. It might be where you work or it might be somewhere else entirely, it’s up to you. Please help us spread the word!


It may also be worth pointing out that sponsorships are tax deductible and we’re VAT registered through Public Software CIC. So for companies and organisations it may not even cost anything in real terms.

A massive thank you for taking the time to read this and help out. I’ll back back soon with more details about OggCamp. The ticket launch, accommodation info and more. We hope to see many of you there in October 🙂

Until then, take care of yourselves,


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