What’s Happening With OggCamp Dan?

The first OggCamp back in 2009
The first OggCamp back in 2009

It’s a question I hear a lot and I’m glad you asked. I’m currently on holiday in France but OggCamp business presses on regardless. Thanks in large part to having a bit of free time and available WiFi. I thought I’d also take the opportunity today to publicly answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

You’ve probably seen that we announced the date and venue a few weeks ago. After many months of wrangling I’m really pleased to say we’ll be back at the John Lennon School Of Art & Design in Liverpool on Halloween weekend 2015. That’s October 31st & November 1st. Obviously I’m thinking we’ll need a Halloween theme of some sort for the artwork. That also brings me neatly onto some organisational differences this year.

A picture of all the podcasters on stage giving out raffle prizes
Oggcamp10 in Liverpool

The organising team has evolved as people have gotten busier or just drifted off in different directions. We started OggCamp way back in 2009 and a lot has changed since. That’s only natural and we’re all still good friends, no fall outs or drama to report. So you can forget that email to Hello Magazine with the inside scoop on an OggCamp feud sorry, hehe πŸ™‚

Myself, Fab and Les Pounder (our erstwhile crew manager) continue from previous years but will be joined by a brand new team. Fab is pretty busy being famous on German TV and radio these days, plus editing a magazine, so he won’t be leading our art and design. He’s still going to host the website and will be tangentially involved but I’ve appointed Jennifer Fenner (a talented Liverpool artist and friend) as creative director. I’m really excited about the ideas she’s already come up with and I’ll share more news as soon as I have it. Earlier in the year I was involved in the runaway success that was Liverpool MakeFest at Central Library. I was only a small part of the organising team but I’ve poached the instigators Mark and Caroline to run our Open Hardware Jam for 2015. As you may know we have a good tradition of success with the OHJ but having seen what they achieved earlier in the year I have no doubt Mark and Caroline will take it to new heights.

I’ve also recruited another friend of mine as “Head Of Science” because I’d like to have a science section this year and expand a little. We haven’t worked out the details of that yet but stay tuned for more announcements soon.

Where Are We Right Now?
Another good question. As of now we have a venue, we have a date and we have tickets available via Eventbrite. The website doesn’t look like much yet and but that will change very soon.

Where should I say in Liverpool?
There is no official hotel this year. I’ve done that in the past and mostly had complaints, so being that there’s no shortage of hotels in the city I’m letting people sort themselves out. Just have a look on LateRooms.com or a similar site and you’ll be fine. The venue is very near Lime St Station and only 5mins walk from the city centre. It’s really easy to get to. There’s cheap car parking nearby with an NCP on Mount Pleasant that does a whole day for Β£5 or not much more. Travel is no excuse not to come. Except for those of you who live in far flung parts of the globe and need to fly, I’ll let you off.

A shot of the OggCamp welcome session. 6 presenters on stage.
The OggCamp11 Welcome Session – Photo by Robert Main

Do I have to pay to attend?
Nope, it’s the same as previous years. One of the principals of OggCamp I hold most dear is universal access. We welcome all who want to attend. You can book a free ticket and have the same experience as anyone else. So why would you I pay? Well, we have many costs to cover and nobody gets paid to work on OggCamp. The organisers and crew are all volunteers. We need money to make the experience better for everyone. Hire equipment, produce printed materials, feed the crew and much much more. If you want to help us out you can buy a donation ticket and do so. We are very grateful for everyone’s support!!

This year there’s also what we’re calling a “Delegate ticket”, so what’s the difference? Well to put it simply some people requested a fixed price ticket for various reasons, that’s all there is to it. All tickets will be treated equally. It’s completely up to you.


Who will be speaking?
At the moment I honestly don’t know. It’s what I like to call a “hybrid Barcamp” model so most of the content comes from the attendees and it’s always good. Trust me. We usually cheat a little and have a few scheduled speakers and sessions to plot around and advertise. It seems people like to know a bit about what they’re going to see before they arrive. That’s fair enough. I have some ideas for speakers but if you have requests or suggestions please do let me know in the comments here.

If you would like to sponsor the event or know of a company who might then please feel free to get in touch obviously. You can always drop me an email to – dan@danlynch.org

That’s all I have to report for now so I will return to my holiday and hit this with a vengance upon my return to the UK very soon.

Until then au revoir my friends,


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