Linux Outlaws: Going Out With A Bang

Hello everyone, my last post here was to inform you all of the impending retirement of Linux Outlaws, a podcast I’ve produced with my friend Fabian Scherschel for over 7 years now. It prompted many nice messages and comments and that’s really touching. I’m writing today to tell you that our last stand (aka the final show) will be live this Monday Dec 15th @ 7pm UTC.

We’d like to get as many people on board as possible for the final live recording and take your questions via IRC, Twitter and email. We’ll also be accepting audio questions and comments before the show if you want to send us an email with an audio file attached. Please keep it under 2 minutes long as we’ll have a lot to get through and we can’t accept anything over that. Around a minute would be perfect. Ask us anything you like, related to the show or not. Anything goes. Simply email before Monday Dec 15th.

Linux Voice issue 11 front cover
Linux Voice issue 11 front cover

Rather fittingly today I opened my mailbox (physical not IMAP) to find the latest copy of Linux Voice magazine waiting for me. As I looked at the front cover I noticed the image above and was pretty surprised. My good friend Les Pounder has written a 2 page retrospective on the show and it’s really humbling. When I tweeted him to say thanks he replied “look at the back cover”, I turned over and saw this…

Linux Voice issue 11 back cover
Linux Voice issue 11 back cover

Thank you to everyone who’s sent such nice messages and good wishes. Also a big thanks to Bytemark for their support over the years. Don’t forget to join us live on Monday Dec 15th via Youtube or Icecast. You can also join in with the party via IRC chat or Twitter and follow along. We want this to be a party and not a funeral, plus we really need your questions and comments so join us if you can.

I’ll get back to blogging more regularly as soon as I can once the podcast winds down. In the meantime have a wonderful holiday season if I don’t post before.

See ya,


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  1. Sheryl aka the gabbygeek
    Sheryl aka the gabbygeek

    Wow you guys! I can’t believe you’re closing up shop. You were such inspirations and absolutely phenomenal.
    I wish you such amazing things wherever your journeys take you.

    My best to you, always.

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