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Hello folks, my last post here was building up to a regular event in Liverpool we like call Ignite. No, it’s nothing to do with setting fires (that joke just never gets old does it?). It’s actually a great night of 5 minute talks about all kinds of interesting topics. They tend to be pretty random but they’re always fun and entertaining. For my part as the resident sound man and techie I like to pick music that I feel matches each talk and play it for the audience. I could look up the list of talk topics beforehand and prepare, know what I’m doing and yada yada yada. Whatever…

Instead I prefer the mad scramble of ignorance, not knowing what any of the talks are about. I have 5 minutes to think of the right music, find it and play it. I’ll be honest, sometimes I do this better than others. It doesn’t always work flawlessly. I’ve been promising for ages to publish these playlists from each event so people can enjoy them. So here it is, the full list of songs from Ignite 17 at LEAF On Bold Street last Thursday, February 13th. You can even listen to them all, in order, via the magic of this YouTube playlist I made. Just press play, go on, dooooo it….

The RamonesWhat’s Your Game – TALK: Tom Owens – The many World Championships of Finland

Peter ToshGet Up Stand Up – TALK: Glynne Owen – Get Up And Do Something

De La SoulMagic Number – TALK: Alun Parry – The Drama Triangle

The Little Mermaid (Soundtrack)Under The Sea – TALK: Lucy Bricheno – Flooding

The ClashBank Robber – TALK: Kathryn Ford – A better than average explanation of the Dunning Kruger Effect

Marvin GayeWhat’s Going On? – TALK: Steve Sparrow – Syria

James BrownI Feel Good – TALK: Amanda Gleaves – Happiness

The HousemartinsMe & The Farmer – TALK: Someone whose name I don’t know sorry! – Vertical Farming

Barenaked LadiesPinch Me – TALK: Alex Nursall – FACTS ABOUT CANADA

GuillemotsMade Up Love Song 43 – TALK: Neil Kazimierz Sheridan – An insight into the neuroscience of Love

Team America World Police (Soundtrack)I’m So Ronery – TALK: Tom Williamson – The Korean War in 5 minutes

Kylie & Jason – Especially For You – TALK: Geraint Parry – The best selling singles of the 1980s’ (sung)

It makes a nice little 40 minute album if I do say so myself. It’s eclectic yes, but full of little gems. Enjoy!

A date for you calendars, if you’re in or near Liverpool come and see us for another Ignite on May 8th 2014 at our usual spot. LEAF on Bold St. It’s gonna be fun and it’s free. You could also submit a talk and get on stage too.


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