Running Like Clockwork

On occasion I have the privilege of hosting a show called FLOSS Weekly on the TWIT Network. It’s a weekly show (the clue’s in the name) about “Free Libre Open Source Software”. You might already know this if you’ve been around these parts for a while. I learn a lot from doing it, I discover new tools and sometimes end up going on to use the very projects we’ve had as guests. A good example of that would be recent guest Kaltura, the Open Source video platform. I’ve been looking at it for a couple of Drupal projects because their integration is so good, and it’s all licensed under AGPLv3. Check out episode 261 for more on that.

I just thought I’d take a moment to point you in the direction of the last episode, number 263. Our guest project was Clockwork, no not the Clockwork Recovery Mod for Android. Clockwork is a language which helps with machine automation for all kinds of tasks. Aaron Newcomb and I had a great discussion with the developers Martin Leadbeater and Mike O’Connor. Both calling in all the way from Australia. They’ve been developing Clockwork on their own for quite a while but now it’s ready for the world. It allows you to define models to represent real world machinery and control actions, check results and iterate. You’ll see from some of the examples on the website that you can do this in a surprisingly small amount of code too. It’s probably best if I let the guys who really understand all this explain it though. So click play on the video below and listen to what Mike and Martin have to say. I just wanted to highlight a project  I think some of my IoT loving friends will appreciate.

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