George Graham Would Be Proud

Liverpool player Daniel Sturridge standing with back turned on the pitch and arms in the air
Daniel Sturridge on the pitch for LFC

Hello again folks. I’ve been watching a lot of football lately so here comes another footy flavoured post. As I write this it’s a quiet Sunday evening, but earlier this afternoon my team Liverpool FC beat Man United 1-0 at Anfield. Winning against Utd is always enjoyable for the local rivalry, but this is the third 1-0 win we’ve had this season. 3 games played, 3 wins by a single goal from Daniel Sturridge, it’s becoming predictable! Obviously the 1-0 run will be broken sooner or later, but it reminds me of the days Arsenal would famously win most games 1-0 and the fans would chant “1 nil to the Arsenal, 1 nil to the Arsenal”.

Manager George Graham stood on the touchline for Arsenal
George Graham managing Arsenal

George Graham was the manager back then and he famously put a big emphasis on defence. His teams were miserly, rarely giving anything away to the opponents. With a defensive line up of Seaman, Winterburn, Adams, Bould and Dixon, it made sense to let Ian Wright score one goal and then shut up shop. They were very successful in that period. Liverpool don’t play much like that and if anything we’ve been lucky at times to maintain clean sheets. The saved penalty at the end of the opening game against Stoke springs to mind. I’ve talked a lot recently about the need for at least one good defender to come in, preferably more. It seems the club have answered my prayers with a number of new players watching the game from the stands today, all expecting to sign on the dotted line. Two great young central defenders in the shape of Mamedou Sahko and Tiago Ilori. I’m excited to see both of them play for us and I really hope the much awaited deals go through. Young Chelsea winger Victor Moses was also there waiting to ink a 1 year loan deal. He’s an unexpected signing but could add pace and power out wide I suppose. The plan is to move Coutinho more central and get Moses on the left I hear.

If all these deals go through you’d have to say it’s been a decent transfer window for us. Some good players coming in to strengthen the squad and some not so good ones heading out. It also looks like our best player from last year, Luis Suarez, won’t be going anywhere. While I’m still not certain I like him as a character, he’s some player and I can’t argue with that. Let’s hope he’s finally had enough to eat and won’t be biting anyone else from now on. It doesn’t do the club’s image much good. We missed out on a few high profile transfer targets it’s true, but overall I’m happy. We’re stronger now than we were at the end of last season. Of that I’m confident.

I can only hope the chant of “1 nil to the Liverpool” will continue to ring out a little longer. It may not be high scoring and free flowing style, but a win is a win and that’s all that matters. George Graham new that.

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  1. Gwiz. Can’t imagining a team that gets whooped for six shutting up shop now

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