Free Raspberry Pi Course In Liverpool

A Raspberry Pi in case
A Raspberry Pi In A Case
Good afternoon one and all. I thought I’d take a brief moment on this rainy Sunday to tell you about some upcoming courses in Liverpool. As some of you will know I work for the WEA or Worker’s Educational Association to give it’s full title. We offer courses for adults in England & Scotland and we’re the largest public sector provider of adult education in the country. We’ve been doing it since 1903, yeah 1903, that’s a long time. Despite all of this most people still haven’t heard of the WEA, and I have to confess I hadn’t myself before being asked to try teaching for them last year. I’m working as a web developer and tech bod in the Liverpool office now but still doing the odd bit of teaching here and there. I’ve even managed to get some knowledgeable friends to come on board as tutors, one of whom is the OggCamp Chief Les Pounder.

Les is starting up a new introductory course on the Raspberry Pi in Liverpool this Wednesday 11th September at 1pm. He’s going to be bringing his wonderful box of tricks and showing us how to do all kinds of cool things with the Pi. Even how to create your own laser trip wire, now come on that’s cool! The course is at the newly refurbished Rotunda Community College in Kirkdale, just 5mins drive from Lime St or 15mins on a bus. The course will consist of 10 weekly 3 hour sessions. So that’s 30 hours of teaching time. All for the princely sum of £23.25p. That’s nothing. In fact if you’re on any kind of means tested benefit you can get the course for literally nothing, nada, FREE! It’s subsidised by the Skills Funding Agency. So what’s not to love?

So how do you get on the course? Well it’s easy. Come along to the first session and we’ll enrol you. Job done.

Les will also be running a basic IT course in the same centre 10am-midday on Wednesdays. Those start on September 11th too. I know a lot of you reading this blog will think an introductory course on the Raspberry Pi isn’t advanced enough for you, and perhaps it’s not. But what about your friends and family? Would any of them like to learn how to turn the Pi into a media centre, home automation system or more? Please help us to spread the word and fill up the course. It’s a lovely centre with great facilities and we have a top tutor on hand.

So please share this post. Even if you’re not in Liverpool we have WEA courses running all over the country. If you live outside the UK it’s a bit more tricky but who knows, perhaps one day we’ll extend to your neck of the woods as well.

You can download a PDF brochure of all our courses in the Merseyside region right here. Or if you’re in another part of the country head to the website and try the course search.

I hope some of you will find it interesting. Thanks for reading 🙂


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