OggCamp13 – Tickets Available Now

OggCamp13Hello folks, many of you who’ve read this blog for some time will be aware that I’m one of the organisers of an annual event called OggCamp. We’re getting ready for for our 5th event in Liverpool on October 19th & 20th. So what is OggCamp anyway? Why the stupid name, and why should you care?

Put simply it’s the largest Open Source event in the UK. We gather 400+ people to share ideas, give talks, play games, make things and generally have a laugh. It’s like a music festival with circuit boards and soldering irons. We’re not just about technology though, we’re proud of the fact that our event also promotes art, politics and plenty else besides. I could spend ages trying to explain it all here but you know what, I think you should click play on the video below and spend a few mins learning more. Some weird bloke in a bright red hat can tell you al about it…

Convinced? Ok then. You need to book some tickets at http://oggcamp.org/tickets and probably look for hotels as well. All the information you could need is on our official website. The first round of tickets have been going well and we moved just under 100 in 24hrs, so don’t delay. Book yourself a place and come join us for the greatest event around 🙂


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