Fixture List: August 12th Onwards

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Fixture List

Hello folks, I thought it was about time I got back onto the blog. I actually gave a talk on promoting your blog in Liverpool recently in which I said “make sure to post regularly”. Do as I say, not as I do hehe 🙂 I’ve been busy as usual in recent months with music, web development, events, OggCamp, podcasts and much more. I’ll have more to report on all of those things I hope in the coming weeks. We launched tickets for OggCamp13 last night and they’re already flying out like hot cakes. Nearly 100 tickets gone in 24hrs, not bad. It’s October 19th & 20th in Liverpool and I suggest you grab some tickets and book a hotel right now. Join us for the largest Open Source and Free Culture event in the UK!

There’s a lot of stuff to be done organising that as we’re only 10 weeks away and it’s fair to say I’ve dragged my heels quite a bit this year. It’ll all be right on the night though, I can promise you that. Apart from that I’ve been working hard in my day job, ok it’s only 3 days a week but it keeps me out of trouble, for the most part. I’m in the process of moving some large sites from MODx to Drupal 7. That should be fun. So far the boss is liking Drupal and I’m pleased he’s letting me port things over. It feels good to legitimately be able to call myself a web developer again. In music news my band’s album is nearing completion at last. It should be out in a month or so. Our drummer has gone off on holiday for a month but luckily we have all his bits recorded and we’re into the mixing process now anyway. Stay tuned for more updates on that.

So, without further ado here is what’s coming up for me in the immediate future, i.e – next week…


Monday August 12th @ 8pm UK – Although the schedule has been totally messed up the last month or so, we should be recording another Linux Outlaws focussed on the email backlog. We will broadcast the show live via YouTube and for the first time in a while, Icecast. Yay!

Wednesday August 14th @ 4:30pm UK – Live FLOSS Weekly. This week I’ll be joining Randal Schwartz to interview the people behind another great Open Source project. Taping is streamed live via – http://live.twit.tvThursday August 15th @ 9am-5pm – It’s Jelly Liverpool again this Thursday. I’ll be there all day upstairs in the lovely LEAF tea shop on Bold St, Liverpool. It’s an informal co-working day for freelancers of all types. We have free WiFi and also complimentary tea/coffee/whatever’s you poison. If you’re a freelancer in Liverpool or nearby and you’ve never been to Jelly you’re missing out. Come and join us.

Thursday August 15th @ 6pm-9pm – Staying at LEAF tea shop, Ignite Liverpool is back on. A unique event where people get up and give short 5min presentations on anything they feel passionate about. The slides advance automatically every 15 seconds and when you’re gotten though 20 of them it’s time to get off stage! It’s a really fun event where we learn all kinds of exciting things and generally have a good laugh. You should come along, it’s free.

Sunday August 18th @ 9pm – Rathole Radio is back with another serving of the best and most eclectic music from around the Internet, and around the world. I will be broadcasting live as usual through Icecast from 9pm to around 10pm. You can also chat via IRC. Come along and join the party.


That’s all the major things for now I think. There’ll be plenty more to talk about in coming weeks and I’m hoping to set aside a couple of hours a week just for writing. I sound like a broken record I know but it’s really been too quiet on the blog in the last few months and I’ve got plenty to talk about. I’ve been watching lots of TV and films. I’d also like to share my rediscovered love for comic books and graphic novels, now in the digital form. I’ve been keeping up with the New 52 Batman series and I’m loving the work of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. I’ll bore you all with that another time.

Hope to see some of you soon, take care,


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