A Good Start To The Season

The Liverpool FC crest. Red and white with a Liver bird on the shield.
The Liverpool FC crest

Hello folks, how are you? In an effort to increase my posting frequency I thought I’d write about football today. If that’s not your thing then you may want to bail out now. If it is then make yourself comfortable.

It’s nearly the end of August and the first 2 games of the English Premier League have already gone. Where does the time go? It feels like only yesterday it was new year, but I digress. My team Liverpool FC have made a good start with 2 wins. You can’t do better than that, but it never ceases to amaze me how carried away some people get, and how quickly. There are already some idiots going on about how we’ll win the league because of this. Let’s keep things in perspective. I’m pleased with the 2 wins and it’s good to get some points on the board, but the league table means absolutely nothing at this stage. I find it hilarious that they show the table on TV round ups and actually talk about it. “They’re only one win off the top of the table Gary”. There’s only been 2 games you fool, almost EVERY team is only one win off the top!! Gah. Anyway, I’ll relax.

A picture of Luis Suarez in red Liverpool kit during a game
Luis Suarez

As a Liverpool fan I’m quietly optimistic that with a couple more good signings we can get back into the top 4 and maybe build on that next season. We’re still light years from challenging seriously for the league in my opinion but slow progress is being made. I like the manager and his style of play. I wish he wouldn’t say such idiotic things on TV sometimes but you can’t have everything. It looks as though we’ll be holding on to our star striker Luis Suarez after his attempts to secure a move away all summer. I was very impressed with the resolve the owners showed in telling him he could either play with the team or spend the whole season training on his own at the academy in Kirkby. Personally I wouldn’t be bothered if he left but I don’t want him going to another club in the same league. That’s always been the problem with the potential Arsenal deal. Why would we sell him to a direct rival in the same league? Madness. Selling him abroad, maybe. He’s a good player and undoubtedly our best last season, but nobody is bigger than the team.

Now that it looks he’s staying he’ll need to knuckle down and start working hard in training. He’s also got some way to go in rebuilding bridges with a manager he accused of lying and badly disrespected only 2 weeks ago. The fans will quickly come around if he plays well and scores a few goals. Look what happened with Carlos Tevez at Man City not so long ago. He was public enemy number one but when he scored an important goal he was quickly restored as every fan’s hero. Football is a fickle game at times.

A picture of Liverpool player Coutinho running with the ball and fending off a Spurs player.
Coutinho – The Real Key Man This Year

So looking at the players we have actually signed this summer I think Simon Mignolet is a good keeper. He was a bit shaky in the opening game but saved a penalty and also played well in the second match of the season. He’s 25 and for a keeper that’s not old at all. He could easily play 10 years or more at Liverpool if he settles in. I feel a bit sorry for Pepe Reina but his form has been very bad the last couple of seasons. He needs to regroup and maybe a season in Italy will help. Kolo Toure has been brilliant at the heart of defence so far. Many people complained he was too old when we signed him but I maintained at the time he’d be a useful asset. I hope I’m being proved right. With the retirement of Jamie Carragher what we needed at the back was a true leader. In Toure we might just have found that, and he’s hardly over the hill. Pace was never a big part of his game, his physical strength and reading of the game will make up for it. His partnership with Agger looks promising but we need more cover in case of an injury. I firmly believe we need to sign another centre back before the transfer window closes next Monday. I’d also like to see a holding midfielder come in to cover for Lucas. He’s had a good start to the season but past performances tell us he’s always in danger of getting an injury. Gerrard has played well in that deeper role and he can certainly tackle but I still don’t think he wants to play as a defensive midfielder. He’ll roam around the pitch too much. Getting someone in would help.

It’s reported that Brendan Rodgers is also looking for another left winger after the departure of Stuart Downing. This would make sense and despite me saying we needed 2 more signings I’d love to see a 3rd, like any fan of course. A good quality left winger could perhaps allow more freedom to Coutinho in the middle. He really seems to be key for us this year. Keep him fit and we have a chance at the top 4. Along with Sturridge he looks set for a really big year. If Suarez returns to the fold in a few weeks what a trio they will make. Enough to worry any defence in the league.

Lots of ifs and buts so far. We’ve made a good winning start but we still need reinforcements to really build on it I’d say. Nice work lads but there’s a long way to go yet, so let’s keep it up!

Ok, enough football talk for now. Will be back with more techy talk and other things soon.



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