The Fixture List – July 1st to 7th

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Fixture List

Ahoy hoy, one and all! It’s been a long time since I posted about my weekly agenda so I thought I’d get back at it. I’m not sure how regular I can make these posts but I’ll do my best. I’m enjoying my new job and finding my feet as a bona fide web developer again. Still a bit rusty in some areas but I’m enjoying getting into HTML5 and some other new things that have arrived in my absence. To be honest HTML5 isn’t that new at all these days, it was around last time I coded seriously 2 or 3 years ago. I just never got into it and it’s taken off a lot more now.

I’m mostly doing PHP stuff with MODx, yet another Open Source content management system. Not one that I’ve used before really as a Drupal man, but we’re getting along OK. I’ve also convinced the boss to let me write a new web app in Django and you know how I love that. It’ll be good to do some Python coding again. Anyway, enough of this rambling, on to the weekly agenda!


Tuesday July 2nd – On Tuesday I shall be spending most of the day at The Cavern Club in Matthew Street with my band 20lb Sounds. We’re helping the good folks from SAE with a live session for their students. We’re being sound engineering guinea pigs essentially. That’s cool with us though 🙂

Wednesday July 3rd @ 7pm UK – It’s our July Liverpool LUG meeting this Wednesday night at Liverpool Social Centre in Bold St. You should come along if you’re in the area and like Linux, or just geeky stuff in general. We’re a very open and friendly group. We seem to spend most of our time talking about films and music anyway.
Thursday July 4th @ 9am-5pm – It’s Jelly Liverpool again this Thursday. I’ll be there all day upstairs in the lovely LEAF tea shop on Bold St, Liverpool. It’s an informal co-working day for freelancers of all types. We have free WiFi and also complimentary tea/coffee/whatever’s you poison on hand. If you’re a freelancer in Liverpool or nearby and you’ve never been to Jelly you’re missing out. Come and join us.

Friday July 5th @ 12:30pm – I’m helping to run a dementia consultation event at Tate Liverpool for my new employers WEA North West. I would say “come along you’re all welcome”, but actually this first event is very small for a few guests. Clinicians, carers and those living with dementia. We’re hoping it’ll lead to bigger things across Merseyside as the project develops though. So stay tuned.

Saturday July 6th @ 10am – I’ll be in Manchester at the Unison offices in Arena Point. I’m teaching the second part of a 2 day social media course for Unison members. This time we’re focussing on blogging and new media. Lots of WordPress I think, oh yes!

Sunday July 7th @ 9pm – There’s another live Rathole Radio. Episode 105 no less. You can join us for an hour of eclectic music from around the web, live performances and waffling. There’s a live Icecast stream, IRC chat and lots of cool people to chat to.


That about wraps it up for the next 7 days I think. There should be a live Linux Outlaws in there somewhere too but we don’t know when just yet. I’ll also be doing plenty of other stuff I’m sure. Perhaps I can tell you about that next time.

Hope to see some of you soon, take care,


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