Linux Outlaws Live – Sunday Feb 17th

Linux Outlaws cover art. Fab and Dan in black and white looking towards camera
We Aim To Misbehave

Some of you may already know but I’m the co-host of a weekly podcast called Linux Outlaws. My colleague Fabian Scherschel and I look over the weeks releases and news, then discuss all the happenings in the Open Source world. Sometimes we get things wrong, sometimes we get them right. C’est la vie, as they say. We’ve been doing it since 2007 and it’s frightening to think just how long ago that actually is now. Once we were the new kids on the block (not the pop group) and now we’re long in the tooth veterans. In the last five and a half years we’ve gained a dedicated listener base of nearly 30,000 weekly followers. Hard to believe isn’t it? We’ve also won the odd award or two from magazines and other outlets, not that we’re boasting about it. Honest.

Our 3ooth episode is just around the corner and we really want to do something special to mark the occasion. To that end we’ve invited all our friends to join us for a live event. Linux Outlaws Live, we didn’t call it that jut for the LOL acronym but it certainly doesn’t hurt. On Sunday February 17th at 5:30pm we’ll be recording the 300th edition of Linux Outlaws in front of an audience at LEAF On Bold St in Liverpool. This is your chance to get on the show and be a part of it. Get your voice on this landmark recording. Ask questions, shout abuse at us, whatever you want really. All for the princely sum of 5 English pounds. All proceeds go to charity so you can even feel good about it. We’re supporting the good work of the Software Freedom Conservancy in New York.

So what are the vital details again? I’m glad you asked.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17th, 5:30 – 7:30pm @ LEAF On Bold St, Liverpool.

You can book tickets via Eventbrite for £5 and join us for a party afterwards in the beautiful venue. There is also an Eventbrite banner on the blog sidebar to the right there. Click that if you prefer.

Come along and join the party, you don’t want to miss it. Also, please tell any friends or contacts you have who might be interested too. The more the merrier. We’ll have a laugh and kick off the post episode 300 era in style, we promise.

Hope to see some of you there,



  1. for those of us that are too far, will there be a live feed

    as well, event t-shirts? yes or nay?
    Linux Outlaw #300 Live would be cool….

    good luck. (even though we hate LFC!!!!)

    • @gustavo – I am trying to sort out streaming but bandwidth at the venue is very patchy with all the staff and customers using one domestic grade broadband connection. We can probably stream audio but video is more of a stretch. Will do my best but no promises at this stage, sorry. Thanks for the good wishes. Who do you support that you hate LFC?

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