Fixture List: 28th Jan 2013

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Hey hey hey! That was my Fat Albert greeting, in case you couldn’t tell. Doesn’t work quite so well in text form I’ll admit. It’s almost the end of January. How did that happen? We’ve had some snow in Liverpool over the last week and the news has gone crazy over it. Advising people not to leave their homes, stock up on canned goods, prepare the nuclear bunkers etc. You’d think it was the end of the world. I wonder if perhaps it was a slow news week and that’s why we needed a special extra half hour news program on prime time BBC One just to tell us there’s been snow. Look out the window, you could tell that pretty quickly for yourself. The hysteria that surrounds snow in this country mystifies me. I did like the MET office advice that building more snow men could help guard against flooding though. No science or logic behind that but a nice dose of humour, something to keep the kids busy. Anyway, enough snow ranting. Let’s see what’s coming up this week.


Monday January 28th @ 8pm UK – Episode 297. Live Linux Outlaws for 2 hours via Icecast and YouTube streams. Join myself and Fab as we record the latest show. More details at –

Wednesday January 30th @ 4:30pm UK – Live FLOSS Weekly is on once again. This week I’ll be joining Randal Schwartz to interview the people behind Auphonic, a tool to automate post production of podcasts and radio shows. Obviously something right up my street. Taping is streamed live via – http://live.twit.tvWednesday January 30th @ 8pmMellowtone gig @ LEAF. Rue Royale , Silent Sleep , & special guest. + DJ Richie Vegas. I’ve been doing some IT stuff for the Mellowtone guys recently and they put on really good gigs. I’m particularly interested in hearing Silent Sleep who I’ve been told a lot about. Grab a ticket and join me if you like. It’s only £5.

Sunday February 3rd @ 9pm – Live Rathole Radio from my studio. It’s the fortnightly live dose of music and musings. You can chat via IRC, listen in via Icecast and get involved. Last time I played a live rendition of a TV theme tune and perhaps that will continue. Tune in to find out.


There’s plenty else going on but I decided to spare you the full details of my schedule. I’m doing more training for WEA this week, recording with the band and more. Our album recording has been much slower going that we’d hoped but we press on. I still want to get it out in Easter. We’ll see how that goes.

Hope to see some of you soon, take care,


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