Fixture List: 7th Jan 2013

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Fixture List

Hello folks, so the second week of 2013 is upon us already. Before you know it we’ll be back into summer again, let’s hope so hey. And let’s hope it’s a much better summer than we had last year. One nice trade off for a crap summer though seems to be a milder winter, or so they say. I’m no Michael Fish but it’s not freezing here in the UK and it seems very mild, so maybe there’s something to it. With 2013 well and truly under way things are starting to pick up for me and will continue to do so I hope. Here’s a quick head’s up about some of the places you can expect to find me this week. There’s podcasts, training courses and more. So let’s take a look…


Monday January 7th @ 8pm UK – Live Linux Outlaws for 2 hours via Icecast and YouTube streams. The first show of 2013. Join myself and Fab as we record the latest show. More details at –

You can also now get tickets to our LOL event on February 17th at LEAF.

Tuesday January 8th @ 10am – 1pm UK – The Nerve Radio training course begins. I’ve been asked to put together a 12 week training course on radio production and online broadcasting for the Nerve magazine group, delivered on behalf of the WEA who I’m doing some work for. It’s free to attend the course if you’re on any kind of UK benefit, even Working Tax Credit. WEA have only priced it at £55.80 for the whole course even if you can’t get the fees waived. Seems very reasonable to me. I’ll be leading the training and hopefully helping everyone learn how to produce their own radio shows over the coming weeks. If you can get along on Tuesdays from 10am – 1pm and would like to join in you’re more than welcome. It’s at Toxteth TV and the first session is this Tuesday, Jan 8th.

Wednesday January 9th @ 7pmLiverpool LUG Meeting. The first one of the new year and this time our very own Sebastian will be presenting on his experiences installing Slackware on a brand new ultrabook. It seems UEFI and other things can present quite a challenge. His talk won’t cover secure boot but we may go on to address that in group discussion after. We meet at Liverpool Social Centre and you can see the announcement here. All are welcome and it’s a very friendly group. So come and see us.

No Jelly Liverpool this week. It’s back next Thursday Jan 17th. More on that next week. We have just announced dates for Ignite Liverpool in the upcoming year though. The first one will be at LEAF on Wednesday February 27th at 6pm. It’s a free event where a group of usually 12 speakers share something interesting with us in 5 minutes. They are strictly timed and kept to the 5 min mark which can add to the hilarity. We get some brilliant talks and the eclectic nature of it is always entertaining. Best of all if a particular topic isn’t doing it for you then you’re only ever a maximum of 5 minutes away from an entirely different topic.

You can book to attend or speak right now. We encourage you to join us. It’s always friendly and fun.


I’m not sure what else I have in the diary this week just yet but no doubt plenty of things will crop up. I’m working on live recordings with the band and I’m pleased to say we’ve finally started making progress after my Christmas illness. My voice is almost back to 100% but still has a little way to go. I’ll keep you up to date on all that as it happens. We won’t be releasing any preview tracks until the album is ready as we want to present the whole finished work to the world. It’ll be a couple of months away but it’s exciting times. I hope your 2013 has started well and I also hope to catch up with you in person at one of these events very soon.

Take care till next we meet my friends,


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