Podcasting Course – Friday Jan 25th – FACT Liverpool

microphoneHello folks, I hope you’re all well? Today’s post is a gratuitous bit of advertising for a podcasting course I’m running on behalf of FACT in Liverpool. That’s not the Foundation Against Copyright Theft no, lot’s of people keep asking me that. I don’t think they’re so into podcasting to be honest. Given their beliefs on new media and control of intellectial property on the Internet. It’s the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool. They really crammed that acronym in didn’t they? Nevertheless it’s a very cool place that some of you may know. It’s an art gallery, performance space, teaching centre and even includes a great cinema with 3 screens. They show all kinds of indie films there and you can take drinks from the bar into the theatre. That can’t be bad. It’s well known around the city and well established having been there since around 2000.

I did a podcasting course for them late last year and it went very well. It’s a full day of training and everyone who came enjoyed it and gave nice feedback, without my prompting I should add. I’ll take you through the background of planning and producing a good podcast first, then we’ll do some recording and get onto editing tips and tricks., before finishing off with some information about encoding, tagging and publishing your audio masterpiece. By the end of the day everyone should have a finished (or at least mostly finished) professional sounding podcast to show for their efforts and all the skills needed to head out and create more.

If that sounds like your kind of thing then I should let you know in the interests of full disclosure it costs £99 for the course. This money is paid to FACT and includes all refreshments, lunch and so on. They’re very accommodating actually. I can definitely say that after the last course. The facilities are modern and well equipped. Absolutely everything you could need is here.

I wrote an article about podcasting for the FACT blog and there’s more information about this course on their website too.

Ok, enough of the hard sell but if you’re interested please contact Tracy at FACT on the following email and she’ll sort you out: tracy.fairclough@fact.co.uk

Or drop me a line and I can answer questions and put you in touch with the right people. Please pass this on to anyone else you think might be interested as well.

I appreciate your help and in return for reading this big advert here’s an amusing picture of a cat.

A lolcat wearing very large headphones
o hai

The Internet is powered by cats you know? You can have that nugget of wisdom for free.

Ciao for now,


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