Fixture List: Dec 3rd 2012

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Fixture List

Hey folks, hope you’re doing well. Just thought I’d let you know what I’m up to this week with my regular fixture list. There’s a little more on than last time and hopefully you can catch some of the live shows or come and say hello at an event. I’m trying to think of some witty aside or anecdote to share with you here right now but you know what? I’m totally drawing a blank. How embarrassing. I swear this doesn’t normally happen to me, honest. Let’s both just laugh awkwardly and never speak of this again. Deal? Ok good, you know it makes sense. *ahem* so… let’s see what’s happening this week…


Monday December 3rd @ 8pm UK – Live Linux Outlaws for 2 hours via Icecast and YouTube streams. Join myself and Fab as we record the latest show. More details at –

Wednesday December 5th @ 4:30pm – Live FLOSS Weekly on – I’ll be joining Randal for my first FLOSS in a few weeks. You can watch live via the website and chat as we go along, throw in some questions if you like. Our guest project this week is Broadleaf Commerce.

Thursday December 6th @ 9am-5pm – It’s Jelly Liverpool again this Thursday. I’ll be there all day upstairs in the lovely LEAF tea shop on Bold St, Liverpool. It’s an informal co-working day for freelancers of all types. We have free WiFi and also complimentary tea/coffee/whatever’s you poison on hand. If you’re a freelancer in Liverpool or nearby and you’ve never been to Jelly you’re missing out. Come and join us.

Sunday December 9th @ 9pm – Live Rathole Radio. Join me for the 93rd episode of RR. You listen live via Icecast as I record a mix of music and chat. Hard to believe it’s up to 93 already, time flies when you’re having fun. You can chat and share a laugh with us via IRC during the show. –


That’s it for this week. I do have to head across to Manchester a couple of times this week also for training courses. Since they’re already closed I didn’t think it was worth getting into the details and boring you. I’ll let you know how it goes though. Wish me luck!

Hope to see some of you soon, take care,


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