Fixture List: 10th Dec 2012

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Fixture List

Greetings everyone, Christmas is getting close now isn’t it? Feels like it was only summer (or what we in the UK laughingly call summer) only yesterday. I haven’t even contemplated shopping for presents yet and I’d better get cracking otherwise I’ll be explaining why I got everyone a bag of charcoal brickettes and some anti-freeze from the 24hr garage, again! The schedule is quite busy this week and festive stuff is creeping in too. I’d say it’s manage-ably busy. I’m certainly not complaining. It’s the season for Christmas parties. Lots of embarrassing yourself in front of the boss and fooling around in the stationary cupboard. There’s been lots of talk of UK companies banning Xmas parties because of health & safety, legal hassle and so on. But what’s world coming to if you can’t get drunk, photocopy your arse, have a fight with Jeff from HR (ooh that Jeff) and then try to explain it all away down at the local A&E? It’s a bloody tradition! Anyway, let’s press on…


Monday December 10th @ 8pm UK – Live Linux Outlaws for 2 hours via Icecast and YouTube streams. Join myself and Fab as we record the latest show. More details at –

<To be confirmed> Wednesday December 12th @ 4:30pm UK – Live FLOSS Weekly. This week I’m in the frame to join Randal Schwartz again and interview the people behind another great Open Source project. This week it’s CakePHP. Taping is streamed live via – http://live.twit.tvWednesday December 12th @ 7pm UK – The big LivLUG Christmas Blow Out – Liverpool Linux User Group will be having our Christmas meal at the Red Hot Buffet in Liverpool One from 7pm. We have a table reserved and many people already booked but if you’d like to come along everyone is welcome. There will probably be some drinks afterwards too.

Thursday December 13th @ 6pm onwards – Bridewell Studios Fundraising Auction at Elevator Bar – On Thursday night the artists from Bridewell Studios (famously the location for an episode of Boys From The Black Stuff) will be auctioning off great original artworks to raise money and keep the place open. They’ve been hit with a big hike in rates by Liverpool City Council and this hub of creativity needs your help to survive. The event is free and there’ll be live music and food too. I’ll be popping along for at least some of it. Come and join us.

Saturday December 15th @ 3pm – 6pm20lb Sounds acoustic gig at Heebie Jeebies, Seel St. We’ll be doing a 3 or 4 song acoustic set as part of Johnny Sands’ continuing acoustic adventures. We may even sing the special verse of Jimmy Carter I wrote for Johnny if he’s good. It’s free, there’s loads of great artists and often free food as well. What else are you gonna do on a winter Saturday afternoon? Come and grab a pew by the fire.

That’s all for this week. There will be other stuff to slot in there probably but I think that’s quite enough for now. I need to get on with Xmas preparation, by which I mean actually start them. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing for Christmas or New Year yet so I’m open to offers, in every sense. Take care of yourselves as the icy weather draws in and for god’s sake don’t drink and drive!! It’s not big and it’s not clever. Get a taxi.

Right, I’m off to find a photocopier, see ya 🙂


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