Fixture List: Nov 19th 2012

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Fixture List

So, here’s the second in my new weekly fixture list series. Places you can find me, events I’m doing, gigs and such like. I’ve started a few series on the blog in the past and been too busy to complete them, but let’s see how this goes. I am determined! Sometimes people tell me they don’t know about things I’m doing until afterwards, so it’s time to get proactive. Don’t you just love management speak? I remember in one of my old jobs the manager constantly barking at us “be proactive not reactive”. The principle is sound of course but the language seems slightly management speak to me. Anyway, I digress. Let’s see what’s coming up…


Thursday November 22nd @ 8pm UK – Live Linux Outlaws for 2 hours via Icecast and YouTube streams. Join myself and Fab as we record the latest show. More details at – Moved from the usual Monday night slot.

Sunday November 25th @ 9pm UK – Live Rathole Radio. My fortnightly music show. An hour of the best eclectic tunes from around the web. Also includes interviews, live performances and more. I’m trying to keep the spirit of John Peel alive, it’s a lofty goal but maybe one day if I keep practising I’ll get to that level. You can listen in live and chat with us via IRC –

Monday November 26th @ 7:30pm UKI’m Not Drunk Honest – by Hal Lever. My friend Hal has an amazing life story. He’s survived two major car crashes and fought for many years to regain his speech. Undeterred by adversity Hal has since written a well received book about his life and become an award winning computer animator. In this live show at LEAF On Bold Street he’ll tell you his story with the help of CGI co-presenter, Hal2. It’s very funny and I’ve seen previews. So if you’re interested you can book tickets now via Eventbrite. You won’t regret it. It’s only £8 for a night of great entertainment in the lovely surroundings of LEAF. Come and join us!


By my standards it’s a relatively quiet week coming up. I do have a ton of stuff to catch up on though and the 20lb Sounds Kickstarter project continues relentlessly. We’re working on honing 12 of our songs ready to record as soon as the funding period ends. We passed our goal in just an hour and that shocked us all. A nice shock to have I’m sure you’ll agree. Maybe I’ll get more time to write some articles and post them this week. Then again, I always say that don’t I? As the amazing Solomon Burke (R.I.P) once sang, “don’t give up on me”. Seriously, if you haven’t heard that song stop reading this right now and find it. If it doesn’t touch your heart then you should probably get straight down to the nearest hospital, you might very well be dead my friend! I’ll even make it easy for you, here’s a YouTube link 😉

Take care folks, hope to see you around in the coming week, either online or in person, be lucky,


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