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As some of you will know I play guitar and sing in Liverpool rock band 20lb Sounds. I have done for about 2 and a half years now. In that time we’ve done some really good gigs, written some good songs (we think) and even done a bit of recording. With tracks like Jimmy Carter and El Bubblino proving popular. The recording process has always been tricky though and we spent a long time trying to lay down each track separately and completely polish things to a tee. You know what though? Lately we’ve realised it works much better when we just record live. Rock music should really be live anyway, not sterilized and quantized. That’s not real. We recorded the track you can see on the video below in our rehearsal room with just 4 microphones. It sounds pretty impressive when you know that and we’d like to get hold of more equipment to make a full live album this winter.

In order to purchase equipment and fund the album we set up a Kickstarter project and launched it last night, November 13th. In around an hour we’d hit the original Ā£250 target and were still going. It’s fair to say we were all a little surprised by the response. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us. We love you.

The campaign is open for another 19 days and we’ll use all money raised to improve the recording and artwork. We’ll also keep our backers up to date throughout the process. So if you like what you hear and want to buy an advance copy of the album please do. Also share it with friends and tell others, we appreciate it.





  1. Your goal was way too modest. You need to be bolder, dude. šŸ™‚

  2. Well as it says on the Kickstarter page it was realistic. It is the amount we need for the Zoom R16, but the Kickstarter people made me remove any reference to the Zoom for some reason before they would publish. Been negotiating with them for a few days to get this live.

    I would have set the goal higher but after discussion with the group they wanted something we could definitely achieve. At least we know we’ll get the money now šŸ™‚

    Thanks for your support!


  3. Great work, Dan. Now two questions:

    1. What is quantized?
    2. Kudos getting Paul Weller in the band AND playing at The Cavern. When you next on?

    • Thanks Dave, I’ll answer those questions in order:

      1. Quantize is a music production term. It means taking something like a drum beat and getting the computer to fix every beat perfectly to the bars of the track. It’s popular in dance music but takes the life out of rock in my opinion. It’s like pitch correction for singers. If you can’t sing or play the part you shouldn’t be doing it.

      2. We’ve had a busy year on the gig front but we’re taking a break to sort out the recording over Christmas. I’m still doing solo acoustic gigs in the meantime. Got one tonight at The Clove Hitch in Hope Street. Free entry. 8:30pm onwards. Come along.

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