OggCamp Interactive Documentary

Way back in the mists of time, a legend was forged… <cue the smoke machine>… ok it was only August but come on, I’m trying to be dramatic here! We held an event called OggCamp12 in Liverpool on August 18th & 19th. I, along with the mighty Les Pounder and a small rag tag band of podcasters from Ubuntu UK and Linux Outlaws organized the shindig. We were supported by Open Labs @ LJMU and their backing enabled us to make it the biggest and best OggCamp yet. Not only did they supply the wonderful venue they also commissioned local filmmaker and all round diamond geezer Chris Chadwick of The Hatch to make a documentary about it. Chris took some amazing footage and has spent many hours slaving over the editing suite to produce this interactive YouTube film. I’m thankful to everyone involved and so proud of how it has turned out. Enjoy!

Please share this video with friends, like it, retweet it, or whatever else you fancy to help spread the word. Next year we want to make OggCamp even bigger and better again! It’s going to be a tough ask, as this video shows, but in the words of JFK “we choose not to do this because it is easy, but because it is hard”.

Thanks for watching 🙂



  1. I haven’t watched the documentary end-to-end yet, but I agree it captures what I think OggCamp is all about. It is a marked contrast to the oggcamp.org site I visited when deciding to attend this year. Just Imagine this documentary, Tony’s photos of the attendees and other curated material from Oggcamp12 in the “What is OggCamp?” section of the website 🙂

    • This is very true Tom. The website isn’t quite as I’d like it to be right now. I’m working on a project with Bytemark that I will reveal in the coming weeks. It involves curating content and remixing it. I think people will be surprised. I hope to see that replace the main website for a while but I need to talk to Fab first. He doesn’t even know about it yet and we’ll need to agree on the idea.

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