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Hello everyone, how’s it going? As some of you will know I’m involved with many techy events in the Liverpool area. I thought I’d take a moment today for some blatant advertising. Get your calendars and diaries ready Merseypeeps…

Dementia Hack Day – Thursday October 11th @ midday: There’s a hack day event around the topic of dementia and how affordable and Open Source technology could be used to help sufferers and carers. Not technology for the sake of it or with the purpose of selling them things they don’t want or need, they get enough of that from proprietary tech companies already. It’s midday to about 4pm and entry is free with coach travel from/to the City Centre and refreshments included. Places are very limited for techy types though, we need about 12 people and we already have many clinicians, patients and carers signed up. We’re looking for developers, designers, geeks and tech enthusiasts to join the discussion groups. You don’t have to be a programmer or a hardcore geek at all, if you have ideas and you’re an intelligent person we could use your help. I’m not sure why it’s been labelled a hack day as this initial event is about generating ideas through discussion, not hacking. There may be project funding and future work available for good ideas, besides that it’s just a great cause to be involved with. It’s in the Liverpool area but I can’t give the exact location for various reasons, coach travel provided. Meeting at the World Museum at midday. If you’re interested in helping and can find a few hours to join us please drop me an email to dan@danlynch.org or use the email form on this very site. Click “contact” on the menu. Thanks!

Barcamp Liverpool – October 12th & 13th – Stop the press, I made a major omission in version 1.0 of this blog post. A bug, if you will. I forgot to mention Barcamp Liverpool coming up next weekend. Like last year’s event this will be held at DoES Liverpool and they have some great sponsors. I’m sure it’ll be a great event as always. Sign up via the website and join us.

Professional Podcasting @ FACT – Tuesday Oct 16th – 10am: FACT Liverpool are running a one day course on podcasting and new media. It will cover planning, equipment, interview techniques, recording, post production and managing distribution. It’s being taught by some bloke called Dan Lynch, not sure what he knows about it but we’ll see. I wrote a post for the FACT blog with more details. Be warned the course is not free and FACT are charging £99 for the day. Just so you know. Also, FACT is the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology and not the Foundation Against Copyright Theft I’m pleased to report.

Jelly Liverpool (Upstairs at LEAF) – Thursday October 18th – 9am to 5pm: Jelly Liverpool is a bi-monthly co-working day for freelancers, developers and creative types. We have free wifi and coffee upstairs in the beautiful surroundings of LEAF on Bold St. Jelly is an international movement started in New York but our Liverpool version has been going over 2 years now. Come along and join us.

Social Media Cafe LiverpoolWednesday Oct 24th @ 6pm – We’ll be doing Social Media Cafe Liverpool again at Static in Roscoe Lane. The subject this time is crowd funding solutions. We’ll have great speakers who know the topic and plenty of discussion. Plus there’s a bar, woo hoo! It’s all free but you need to book via Eventbrite, we have limited venue capacity. Come and join us for the fun.


So there you go, plenty to keep you busy if you’re in the Liverpool area. Sorry to those who live in far flung places but many of these events will be streamed or recorded. Besides, you should just move to Liverpool and stop fighting it, you know you it makes sense.

Hope to see some of you in person at these happenings. Take care 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the info. I need to go to a good conference.

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