Ignite Liverpool – Nov 1st – 6pm

Ignite Liverpool logo, Red text on white backgroundHowdy everyone, just a quick post to let you know about another great event happening in Liverpool soon. In contrast to my usual last minute invites to these things, you actually have a week to mark it in your diaries and make some room. Ok so it’s not a massive amount of time but cancel that choir recital, move the book club meeting and tell the vicar he’ll just have to wait, you’re busy! On Thursday November 1st at 6pm you should be doing nothing but joining us for another Ignite Liverpool. This time it’s at a different venue as well, the Liverpool Guild Of Students. Where is that you say? Well that’s basically Mountford Hall to any seasoned gig goers like myself. It’s the big student union building by the Catholic Cathedral where they hold lots of gigs and events.

What is Ingite Anyway?- I’m glad you asked that. We run Ignite events here every 3 months or so and basically they’re an eclectic collection of short 5 minute presentations. Topics are varied and sometimes eyebrow raising. They’re strictly limited to 5 minutes each. You get 20 slides which change automatically every 15 seconds and you have no control over that. It can be quite nerve wracking but also a lot of fun. I’ve done a couple of talks myself but these days I’m usually found behind the sound desk, or sorting out the live video stream. The Ignite format was conceived by O’Reilly (O rly!!!) the book publishers and there are many events in cities around the world. I’m proud to say Liverpool is one of the biggest and best out there. We usually have around 100 attendees and plenty of interesting talks. One of the best things about Ignite is that you’re not stuck listening to an hour long talk about something you’re not interested in. If the current talk doesn’t grab you then you’re only ever 5 mins away from a different one. Our motto is “Enlighten Us, But Keep It Brief”.

Liverpool Guild Of Students logo, blue text with Lion motif
Our Venue This Time

How do I get a ticket, is it free? – Yes I’m pleased to say tickets are free and even if you live on the other side of the world there’s no excuse for missing out. We have a live video stream available during the event and plenty of YouTube videos afterwards. You can book a ticket to attend in person or watch the stream via Eventbrite and we encourage you to do so. I know you like to play hard to get and give us that “well I might be washing my hair that night, or I might have a better offer, who knows?” attitude, but please book a ticket. We’d love for you to join us. With this event being in a Student Union venue as well it shouldn’t cost the earth to have a drink, if that’s your thing. All are welcome and drinking is certainly not compulsory. Especially if you’re driving!

How Do I Find it? – Search me…. ok I’m kidding. The address is below and there’s also a Google Map embedded on the Eventbrite page.

Liverpool Guild of Students
160 Mt Pleasant
L3 5TR Liverpool
United Kingdom

Thursday, November 1, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (GMT)

Our topics this time include such gems as: Rubik’s cubes, Moonwalking, Shaving and Archery. Come along and find out more or join us live online. You’ll regret it if you don’t 😉


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