Podcast: FLOSS Weekly 228 – HPCC Systems

Howdy, I figured I’d start cross posting some of the podcasts I host here in case you’re interested. On Wednesday Randal Schwartz and I had a great chat with Dr Flavio Villanustre of HPCC Systems. It mostly concerned “big data” and how they work with it. Flavio was a fascinating guest and he also founded the first Linux User Group in Buenos Aires, way back in 1994. His Linux credentials are beyond question and we got into some of that as well.

A screenshot from the show of Flavio with headset on talking to the camera
A still from FLOSS 228

LINK TO SHOW: http://twit.tv/show/floss-weekly/228

There’s video and audio available on the site. Enjoy šŸ™‚



  1. Thanks for the crosspost, I don’t always make time to check out FLOSS weekly. (I use vim.)

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