Live Song: Father And Son (Cover)

Greetings once again one and all. Here’s a special Father’s Day live song for you all. It’s June 17th and that’s Father’s Day in the UK so I’d like to dedicate this to my Dad. I searched around online all week for good Dad related songs I could do. This one kept coming up in top 10 lists and while I’m not sure the lyrics fit my sentiments exactly, it is a great song. Plus my Dad likes Cat Stevens so this should fit in. Let’s not mention the rather awful Boyzone version of this song ok? …. Oh no I think I just did. Hope you enjoy the video.

My Mum and Dad have always been massively supportive of my music and I’m incredibly lucky that way. I’ll never forget my Dad having to explain to Mum how we’d gone out to buy a harmonica and come back with an electric guitar, which obviously cost a lot more. It’s the black Telecaster I play to this day in fact.

Thanks Dad,


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