Come To OggCamp 12!

A picture of the two podcast crews on stage in Farnham for OggCamp 11
OggCamp 11 - Photo by Henry Patrick Reilly

If you’ve followed this blog or listening to my podcasts for any length of time you’ll probably know what OggCamp is. If not, I suppose I’d better explain. OggCamp is a 2 day Free Software and Free Culture event we organize every year. Since we began in 2009 it’s grown to become the largest Linux and Open Source event in the UK. Last year we had well over 400 attendees and this year it looks to be even bigger.

We’re returning North to Liverpool for OggCamp12 on August 18th & 19th and the official website has now been launched. The tickets are available via Eventbrite and they’re completely FREE. All we ask is that you’re serious about coming when you claim a ticket. If not then please leave space for someone who can actually come.

I’m really excited to be hosting the event in my city again and I think it’s going to be the biggest and best OggCamp ever!

If you’re still unsure whether OggCamp is for you then just ask around, anyone who’s been before can tell you why you shouldn’t miss it.

I hope to see many of you in Liverpool later in the year ๐Ÿ™‚


(Photo credit – Henry Patrick Reilly. I got this from Google+)


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