Brendan Rodgers The New Liverpool Manager?

Brendan Rodgers stood pitch side with a pad and pen
Rogers looking studious, though he might be doing his lottery ticket

Just another quick football update. I posted my thoughts on Liverpool’s search for a new manager last week and made Andre Villas Boas my favourite candidate. Since then the rumour mill has turning overtime with everyone from Pep Guardiola to the apparently undead Elvis Presley “about to take the job”. I’ve been following reports all night though and it seems talk of Brendan Rodgers accepting the job may be legit. The 39 year old manager has already left Swansea City according to their chairman Huw Jenkins. The BBC have published the news under the headline “Brendan Rodgers is new Liverpool manager” and if you need more proof his Wikipedia page now says “Current Liverpool manager”. Wikipedia never lies does it? Ok, so maybe that one isn’t the best evidence but it seems to be true and confirmation from Anfield is expected in the next 24hrs.

So what can we make of this move? Well, despite my early support for AVB I’ll be quite pleased if this is true. Rodgers is a gamble no doubt. He’s only had one good season in the Premier League and if signing Charlie Adam has taught us anything it’s that you can’t judge someone on one season. I’m still positive and I think this is a gamble worth taking. If Rodgers is allowed to really stamp his mark on the team and get them playing the kind of passing football Swansea displayed last season I’ll be very happy. I don’t think we’re going to be winning the league or even cementing a top four place any time soon, but given time he could build something interesting at Liverpool. The story is that he’s been offered a 3 year contract and I hope he’s given that time to work. It’s no small job rebuilding Liverpool and Rodgers needs patience and support from the clubs owners and fans. I hope to god he turns out to the next Brian Clough but I’ll reserve judgement for a good while yet, let’s not get carried away. I’m sure the media will go crazy over this but to put in perspective we need new ideas and fresh blood, Rodgers seems to offer that. Let’s see what he can do with an increased budget and a bigger club.

Of course it could be that by the time you read this it’s all been refuted and he’s not coming to LFC at all. In which case this post will look rather silly. Never mind, I’ve looked silly plenty of times before.


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