Better Late Than Never

A picture of a red toolbox and some spannersI’ve finally done it! I promised a change would come and while it’s taken longer than I’d hoped, I have now migrated this whole site to WordPress. It’s still a bit rough around the edges and could use aesthetic touches but that will come with time. Now that it’s all WP based I hope to consolidate my content into one stream and finally use the site more regularly.

I think my main problem (amongst many) over the years has been fragmentation, or to put it another way, spreading myself too thin. Originally I set up different websites to post music, Linux reviews, personal articles and many other things. Each new idea I came up with had to have it’s own dedicated site. I thought this would make it easier for people to concentrate on the parts of my output they were interested in. In reality though all that happened was I ended up with a lot of sites that were hardly ever updated. It seems a bit silly looking back but I swear the plan made sense at the time.

Now though I hope to post live music videos, photos and articles about everything from Linux to Liverpool FC all in this one place. I want to make this a proper hub for all my online activity. I’m still mad busy and can’t promise the output will be prolific, but I’ll certainly do my best. Onwards and upwards!

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience πŸ™‚



  1. I like the new look. I am about to convert two friend’s sites from HTML to WordPress. Was it difficult to work with Dan?

    – Dave

    • @Dave – I’ve found WP very easy to work with but I’ve been using it about 5 years so maybe that helps. The documentation is good and the community is very responsive. If you need help it’s usually not far away.

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