I Have A Bad Feeling About This…

… Well actually I don’t. I have quite a good feeling about it. Check out this project to make an independent comedy film here in Liverpool. It’s about 2 Star Wars fans on a quest to get hold of tickets to a special screening of the classic sci-fi trilogy. Things don’t quite go to plan. In real life the filmmakers are on a quest of their own. They need to raise $16,000 to make the film and they’re currently a 3rd of the way there with 2 weeks to go. They’re using IndieGoGo to crowd source support. If the trailer is anything to go by it should be really funny. Check it out below:

Head over to badfeelingfilm.com and support the fund raising effort if you want to see this film made. There are some perks available to supporters. I wanted to help spread the word.

Thanks for reading, may the force be with you 🙂


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