Weekly Rewind #103

Welcome to another Weekly Rewind. This edition could either be considered overdue from last week or early for next, depending on whether you’re a glass half empty or full kind of person. I’ll let you decide. I was trying to think of witty things to link with the number 103 but I’m drawing a blank. The only two examples I can come up with are the Peugeot 103 and the Manchester radio station Key 103, neither of which seem particularly relevant. If you think of something I’ve missed stick it in a comment at the bottom. There’s no prizes, it’s just for fun. Maybe I’ll invent some arbitrary points system like have on Q.I and award you a million points. Anyway, let’s stop this nonsense and begin ploughing our way through the last 10 days or so…

I believe I last left things late on the afternoon of Monday January 16th, so let’s pick up there. I went on to broadcast Linux Outlaws with Fab in the evening. You’re probably tired of hearing me say this but it really does seem odd that we can be 247 episodes into this podcast now. As we close in on 250 episodes and 5 years in the business of pod, I don’t think either of us ever imagined this popularity or longevity could happen. The show was fun as always and I edited it later that week. You can grab it now as Episode 247 – “Poke Him With Your Pipe Old Boy”.

On Tuesday I got a nice visit from my mum and we found some time to catch up. We also did some cooking and she taught me a new chicken dish. I’m not bad at cooking but I think I need to expand my repertoire a bit. I’ve considered a cookery class, maybe I’ll look more seriously at that as the year goes on. I went to band practice in the evening as we prepare for an upcoming 20lb Sounds gig. I won’t go on too much about it now as there’s many more band practices to mention. I did some work on my websites and began the long process of migrating all my music to Bandcamp.com. If you check out danlynch.bandcamp.com you’ll see that all the stuff from my main site is uploaded now. I just created an album and put it all in chronological order. You may wonder why I would choose to do such a thing but as I recently discussed I want to get more serious about music professionally. The migration isn’t all about making money and the album is actually free to download. It just seems sensible to keep things in one place and I’ll be doing the new acoustic album on there soon. I’ll redirect danlynch.org/music and look at incorporating the design. Bandcamp do mp3, ogg, FLAC and almost any other format you could want, plus I really like their simple management tools.

On Wednesday it was the big SOPA blackout protest and in accordance Fab took down Sixgun.org. The most noticeable take down was probably Wikipedia. It seems as though the legislation has been postponed (not killed or abandoned as some believe) and it’s a victory for all involved. We still have a lot of work to do though and the war isn’t over. If anything it’s just beginning. I have to confess I didn’t take this site down or RatholeRadio.org, not because I didn’t believe in the cause, more out of a lack of time and planning on my part. I feel a bit guilty about that but I’m pleased to see the protest had some effect. On the day I was also set to appear on FLOSS Weekly and the TWIT Network took and interesting stance. I joined Simon Phipps to interview James T. Nixon III about file storage solution FreeNAS. The show was in black and white to highlight the protest and we spent a long time discussing SOPA. You can download it as FLOSS Weekly 198 – FreeNAS.

On Thursday I got on with some Drupal stuff on various sites and also attended Jelly Liverpool down at LEAF. In the evening I stopped by the Merseyside Skeptics meeting at The Head Of Steam pub on my way to band practice. They’ve been having some PA problems and getting bad feedback. My friend Siobhan asked me to have a look. I wasn’t there too long and I don’t think I really offered much by way of a solution but hopefully it helped a bit. I then went to rock out with the 20lb boys. On Friday I edited the Linux Outlaws recording from Monday and prepared Rathole Radio for the weekend. Saturday involved more RR prep and then a Liverpool LUG afternoon meet at Studio 2, Parr St. The turnout was low unfortunately and most of the meet involved paying pool with Bob and Steve. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday though by any means. I was scheduled to appear on the Alt3rd Egos podcast in the evening to talk about comics. So I nipped over to Forbidden Planet to do some research. I am a comic book fan and I own plenty of graphic novels but I’m not up on current happenings in the medium at all. I know there’s been a big fuss over the changes to the DC Universe but that’s about it. I headed home and waited for the show but as time went by I began to wonder if I’d messed up the timezone conversions. Eventually I got a message off one of the hosts saying they’d had a family emergency and couldn’t make it, which is understandable. I wished them the best and we planned to reschedule. After this I went to catch up with friends at a whiskey party. I’ve never been to a whiskey party before but my friend Rachel is off to Australia and was emptying the drinks cabinet before packing up the house. I was ashamed to admit that I don’t really drink whiskey, or spirits of any kind for that matter, but it was actually really fun.

On Sunday I headed down to Dale St for another 20lb practice and we got in gear for our gig on Saturday Feb 4th at The Zanzibar.  I’m really looking forward to it as it’s a Saturday night and I hope we can get plenty of people along. It’s only £4 and the doors open at 8pm. If you’re in the Liverpool area come and join us. It’ll be fun. In the evening I broadcast Radio Radio 70 and had fun chatting with the listeners. That was released on Wednesday this week. Check out my slightly ropey version of “RE: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton. I had fun learning that. On Monday it was back to Linux Outlaws and the recording of episode 248. That isn’t out yet at the time of writing but should be soon. On Tuesday I headed up to Edge Lane for a day’s video production course with Chris Chadwick of The Hatch. He’s a top bloke and we had a really good day. Spending time with real video experts makes me realise how little I actually know about this though, I’m trying to get up to speed. I headed to LEAF in the evening with Neil on PodFactory business. We streamed the BigSWIG event live and it all went very well. SWIG is a Liverpool WordPress users group and this was their first big live event. The audio wasn’t quite as good quality as I would have liked due to a last minute workaround. It seems our video conversion box is on the fritz. It did the video as normal but the audio wasn’t playing ball. I had to put that into the internal sound card on the laptop. As some of you will know they never sound good and often pick up mains noise. Despite this the SWIG people seemed happy and I was pleased we could help them out. I’ll be working on that audio problem for next time and packing my USB sound card in case we need it. Finally on Wednesday (25th) I sat down and wrote my first article for Seven Streets, a popular Liverpool news site. I’ve been asked to do a monthly tech column and my article was about indie gaming culture. I don’t know if they’ll think it up to standard but hopefully it’ll be published soon. I’ll let you know.

There’s bound to be a couple of things I’ve missed but for now that just about brings us up to date.


Tomorrow night I’m be on the rescheduled Alt3red Egos podcast talking about comics and so on. There’s no live stream but I’ll let you know when it’s published as a podcast. On Sunday I plan to finally get down to recording this acoustic album and in preparation I’ve been playing the keyboard a bit of late. I’d like to do some of the songs on piano, so we’ll see how that goes. On Monday night we’ll have more live Linux Outlaws. You can join us at sixgun.org/live from 8pm UK time. There’s chat via the IRC channel and a live audio stream. It’s an hour later than normal as we’ll be recording another Leave Your Hat On with LO community legend Jezra. On Wednesday I have another FLOSS Weekly booked in. You can tune into that live at twit.tv/live from 4:30pm UK time, an hour earlier than usual. At the weekend it’s TEDx Merseyside and I also have the 20lb gig in the evening.  Then on Sunday (Feb 5th) there’ll be another live Rathole Radio from 9pm. Other exciting things are happening right now and I’ll tell you more about all of those as they develop.

Until next we meet, take care of yourselves.


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