Weekly Rewind #101

Hello and welcome to the first new Weekly Rewind since October 30th. It’s seems as if I got to number 100 and decided that was enough. It’s a nice round number certainly but I’m not done yet, I just got busy. It’s 2012 (I’m sure you noticed) and with the passing of the New Year I decided there were lots of things I should really get in order. One of those is keeping this blog up to date more regularly. Hopefully you’ll see these articles a lot more frequently in the weeks and months to come. Let’s talk about the first week of 2012 and what I’ve been up to…

Last Sunday it was New Years Day so I didn’t do a whole hell of a lot to be honest. Stayed at home, watched the telly, ate a nice dinner. The basics. On Monday I prepared for the first Linux Outlaws of 2012 which we broadcast that evening. It felt good to get back into the swing of another Outlaws year and it dawned on me, we’re heading for our fifth birthday this year. It’s not till September but still it’s strange to think we’ve been making the show all these years.

Things went well and everyone seemed to enjoy the broadcast on Monday. We used a new Bash script Fab wrote for the first time. It’s inspired by the one Tony Whitmore made for UUPC and showed off at OggCamp11. It times the segments and plays the musical stings automatically. It seemed to work really well and it’s an interesting addition to the show. The code is available on Gitorious if you want to give it a whirl yourself. Right now it’s very LO specific so you’ll get all our music as well. If you want to make your own version of Linux Outlaws it could be perfect. I edited the audio later that night before bed and got it in sync, then shipped it back to Germany for final editing. It’s not out at the time of writing but hopefully will be very soon.

A piece of paper propped up on my black mixing desk
Album song list, all 22 of them.

On Tuesday I began a list of things to get done this year. Part of that includes recording a solo acoustic album and releasing it properly. I want to use Bandcamp as the main hub but also get the album onto Amazon, iTunes and all those sorts of places. You can read more about the grand plan in my separate post. Comments and suggestions are all welcome. Wednesday saw the first Liverpool LUG meeting of 2012 and it went very well. A good turn out of people and some new faces. Unfortunately Studio 2 was closed so we went to the newly reopened Beer instead. They don’t mess around with names these days do they? “We’ve got a new pub, what shall we call it?…. BEER!”. I’m all for cutting to the chase, but I can’t help thinking a little more imagination could have been employed on this one. With the closure of many pubs and venues around Liverpool before Christmas I also hope this isn’t a bad omen for Studio 2. A place I like a lot.

On Thursday I rehearsed some of the songs for this acoustic album, did some of the Rathole Radio preparation and also went down to LEAF to catch up with the folks there. I also booked the venue for the 3rd annual Rathole Roadshow and I’m pleased to reveal the details. Well, the ones I have so far anyway. Mark your diaries people…

Rathole Roadshow 3 – Friday April 27th, 8pm @ LEAF On Bold St, Liverpool. 

I have no idea about tickets, pricing or artists yet but I sincerely hope some of you will set aside this Friday night in April to join me. It’ll be fun, I promise! I also met up with my band 20lb Sounds on Thursday evening and we had a great rehearsal session. We’re working on a video for one of our unreleased songs which you should be able to see soon. I also need to rearrange the band website and generally get my arse in gear on that front. On Friday morning I had an early meeting at Static to discuss Open Source City and our grand plans for 2012 in Liverpool. We want to build a permanent festival (I recently learned this term) that helps promote Open Source technology but also creative arts and collaboration. It’s all a bit fuzzy at this stage but weekly meetings should help us flesh that out. Again, I’ll tell you more when I can.

Jeff Bridges looking into a Time magazine mirror in The Big Lebowski
Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski

I got some overdue video editing done on Friday afternoon and caught up on other jobs before friends came over for a film night. Andy (from LivLUG) and I came up with the film club idea back when we were travelling home from OggCamp last year. It’s taken until now to sort it out. I think it should perhaps be a monthly thing, if we can’t get together more often. We decided to kick off our screenings with The Big Lebowski. After that we ended up watching Tourette De France, a Keith Allen documentary I have on DVD. Next film on the list is either Clerks or Team America World Police I think. We haven’t decided yet.

Yesterday I finished the preparation work for Rathole Radio, which always takes a lot longer than I expect. Today I’ve caught up on email and generally pottered around. That brings us up to date for now. Let’s look at next week…


Tonight I will broadcast Rathole Radio 69 from 9pm UK. You’re all welcome to join me if you read this in time. Tomorrow we’ll have more live Linux Outlaws. You can join us at sixgun.org/live from 7pm UK time. On Wednesday I have another FLOSS Weekly booked in. This time we’re talking to Sam Aaron about Overtone, an Open Source audio environment. Sounds right up my street. You can tune into that live at twit.tv/live from 5:30pm UK time. I’m sure there’ll be plenty else to report back on as well. So until next time I hope 2012 is kicking off well for you.

Take care of yourselves.


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