I’m Still Alive

Wow… well this is embarrassing isn’t it? You skip writing one post and all of a sudden it’s 2 months later. I’ve been fairly busy since the end of October, that goes without saying. But I’ll endeavour to write up a proper review of my year over the next week. This is just a quick post to let you all know that I’m still very much alive and to thank the kind people who told me they miss the Weekly Rewind. Yeah there were a few, honest. I’ll get back into regular blogging swing in the New Year.

I do have a small treat for you though. One of things I’ve been doing lately is video editing and animation. So here’s a quick stop motion clip I did a few weeks ago. This was only a test to see if the method worked to be honest but it came out looking ok.  I can’t really draw but that’s supposed to be an L appearing and fading away. I’m going to use a technique like this to make titles for some videos I’m doing. I also used my dartboard as it was the only thing I could use chalk on in my flat. I know, I’m just so manly, ha ha. The lighting isn’t great so you might need to squint a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and as always thanks for your support throughout 2011. Take care of yourselves and I’ll race you to 2012 😉



  1. Not a bad start. Keep an eye out for a post from Pixar!

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