Weekly Rewind #92

Weekly Rewind 92 is upon us already and life has continued for me amid the media onslaught in the UK concerning News International phone “hacking”. I put the word hacking in quotes there because most people don’t understand the term. Hacking is about making cool things with technology and having an inventive mind. The term for stealing people’s passwords and illegally accessing computers is cracking. I’m not usually so pedantic but I see this term misused a lot in the media. It’s probably a losing battle at this stage. Anyway, enough of that. What’s been happening lately?

I left off last time on Tuesday (12th) evening and as I write this it’s Wednesday afternoon of the following week. I’m not doing a bad job of keeping this weekly at the moment. I spent a lot of Wednesday July 13th editing the last episode of Linux Outlaws, it was another 2 hour epic, which takes about 6-7 hours or more to edit. As I mentioned last time I did FLOSS Weekly with Randal early Wednesday evening. It went very well and I also managed to fix up some of the screen glare from my camera. My flat has very bright white walls (not my choice) and the light from the window washes out the camera. I think I’ve fixed this now with curtains and electric lights. Hopefully people will find it easier to see me. It’s not so easy when the light also bounces off the top of your head, but that’s a quite separate problem. Perhaps I need a hat.

We talked to Neal Gompa about EnanoCMS and I thought he was really interesting. There are a ton of CMS projects out there and some fans expressed apprehension about another one coming up, but I think that’s slightly unfair. EnanoCMS seems to have some interesting features and I’d like to give it a try when time allows. That show was later released as episode 174. After the show finished some old friends came over to the flat and we spent most of the night catching up, all very nice. On Thursday I finished up editing Linux Outlaws 218 and shipped it to Fab. He released it the following day. I also caught up with 20lb Sounds and we worked on refining our set. Without meaning to sound like an ass, I think we’re getting really tight now and the future looks exciting. I haven’t heard any other bands that scare me in any way, and I’m including the ones on TV and radio here. I’m planning to work on some vocal tracks for a new song with Gary this weekend. Stay tuned for that.

The Fedora Project logo in trademark blue
The Fedora Logo

On Friday I continued my Fedora 15 adventure and hit some rocky ground. I’ve noticed this machine getting really slow and bogging down the longer it’s on. It becomes unusable and has to be rebooted. Ok so it’s an old laptop but I’ve never had this problem with other distros. I assumed it must be the Nouveau graphics drivers being used instead of the official freedom-hating Nvidia ones. In a bid to fix this I installed the Nvidia drivers package and rebooted the machine, only to find I now had no display at all. I was stuck editing an xorg.conf file in Nano again, I haven’t done that in many years. I couldn’t seem to re-enable the Nouveau driver and as of now I have Gnome 3 working in fallback mode with a generic driver. It’s a lot like Gnome 2 and I actually really like it. I’ll write about all this properly in the coming week. There’s a lot to talk about with Fedora. After much time spent grappling with the laptop I also saw my Dad on Friday and helped him out with some computer stuff. It’s always great to catch up and I enjoyed it. I’ve been doing a lot of server admin stuff and site migrations for various projects in the last week too. A geek’s work is never done.

On Saturday I caught up with the whole family pretty much at my cousin Kate’s 30th birthday party. I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing that information here, well it’s too late now anyway. It was great to catch up with some family I don’t see often. As I mentioned last time OggCamp11 planning has been getting pretty hectic in recent weeks and the event is only around 3 weeks away. In light of that I arranged a planning call with the others on Sunday afternoon. We discussed many problems and worked out possible solutions. I’ve been emailing around chasing speakers, sponsors, crew and much else recently. There’s always a lot of work involved in these events but the reward of seeing people come together and enjoy themselves is totally worth it for me. On Sunday night I caught up with the band and got some more practice done. After writing some more emails and catching up on admin I also managed a rest. Woo hoo!

On Monday I edited the new episode of Free As In Freedom and shipped it back to Bradley. You can get that now from their website. I also prepared the email and other stuff for Linux Outlaws that evening. We broadcast the show at our usual time and it all seemed to go well. I synced up the audio yesteday and Fab is editing this week. It should be out by the weekend. Yesterday I caught up on housework, sorted out some problems with Council Tax (what a joy) and transferred my tenancy agreement to a rolling montly contract. I’ve been in this flat 6 months now. Hard to believe really. I still love it though and you know what they say, time flies while you’re having fun.


In the next week there’ll be some more annoucements of the stuff we’ve been working on for OggCamp and I’m excited about that. I’ll also aim to get that big Fedora 15 write up done and published, my blog stats could use it. I’ll be hosting FLOSS Weekly with Randal again tonight from 17:30 UK and our guest project is TaskWarrior. I plan to research that this afternoon. There’s more Rathole Radio this Sunday July 24th at 21:00 UK (20:00 UTC). I hope to sort out the band stuff a little more and fix up our website, along with many other things. I’ll let you know how that goes next week.

So until then, take care of yourselves 🙂



  1. Hi Dan
    I am looking forward to your ‘Feroda 15 gnome 3’ review next week. As you I always prefer nvidia graphics, and I hate if compiz is not working (wondering for which reason really). There IS a ‘minted’ fedora, you maybe should consider: the kororaa. I tried the first ‘beta gnome 64 version’ the other day, and liked it. I wonder which graphics driver they put on scene.

    • @John – Thanks that’s really interesting. I hadn’t even heard of Kororaa. I will have to give it a spin. I too wonder if they use the Nvidia drivers as you say. I feel a bit guilty for not supporting the Open Source driver more but I find it’s not quite up to par yet. They’re working hard and doing very well, but I prefer that my computer doesn’t grind to a halt.

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