Rathole Roadshow 2011

A picture of the band I Am Not Lefthanded sat on a sofa holding a balloon
I Am Not Lefthanded

Hi Everyone,

Sorry the next installment of my Weekly Rewind has slipped. I’ll get it sorted soon. In the meantime check out the 2011 Rathole Roadshow I’m putting on. If you follow my blog or anything else I do you’ll probably have heard about this. It’s a Creative Commons music gig happening at The Zanzibar in Liverpool on Sunday April 24th at 8pm. Tickets are £5 and can be bought from the website.

Check out I Am Not Lefthanded, 20lb Sounds and Rob Warren on the free EP download. They sound flippin’ fantastic, and they’ll be better live 😉

There are also audio promos you can use on podcasts/radio etc: MP3 / OGG

I’ve just added (by request) another ticket option. Some people have told me they’d like to buy a ticket to support us but can’t make it along. So now you can buy a virtual sponsor ticket, it’s the 3rd option in the cart widget. There will be live streams and hopefully some nice recordings to share with you afterwards.

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We Support Creative Commons

Please come along if you can and tell friends who might want to come as well. Post this page to your social networks and that kind of stuff. I really appreciate all your support so far!

It’s gonna be a great night,


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