Weekly Rewind #81

Greetings all and welcome to more prompt Weekly Rewind this time. My last post was only Tuesday but I want to get back on track. Number 81 and I can feel the big 100 approaching. I would have passed it already to be honest if I’d kept up the pace since the starting in 2009. Anyway, let’s talk about the events of the last few days.

I last left you on Tuesday afternoon as I was doing various jobs and releasing the latest Rathole Radio podcast. I was also preparing to host FLOSS Weekly the following day, so let’s talk about that first. The show went very well and I was joined by Aaron Newcomb who’s always a great co-host. Our guest was lead SELinux developer Dan Walsh, who works at Red Hat. The interview got very technical very quickly but I think we managed to back up and give a proper overview of what SELinux is. Unfortunately there was some background noise on Dan’s end and the occasional breaking up of the call, but it’s well worth a listen. You can hear that as episode 156 of FLOSS Weekly, which was released on Thursday.

A picture of my band playing at the first RR gig last year.
The First RR Gig

One of the big things I’ve been doing this week is trying to sort out the online ticket sales for the Rathole Radio gig. It just occurred to me the other day that I’d let things slip with moving home. It’s only just over 6 weeks to the gig now and I need to get some tickets sold. In an effort to do that I started working with Google Checkout. A lot of people don’t like Paypal and although it worked well enough last year I thought I’d try something different. The ability to have a proper shopping cart and control your stock levels through a Google spreadsheet is very cool, if hideously proprietary. The charges seem ok at 3.4% of sale price plus 20 pence, I’ll let you know how that works out. You can now buy tickets for the Rathole Roadshow on Sunday April 24th at The Masque in Liverpool from the website. The line-up is looking good and I’m very excited to have I Am Not Lefthanded and Rob Warren joining us. I Am Not Lefthanded have just released a free EP through their website in the run up to their album launch in April. I hope the gig will prove a good platform to push the album launch too. If you haven’t heard the band I suggest you check them out. You can hear them talking to me and playing live on Rathole Radio 22 from last year. It promises to be a great evening and I hope to see some of you there. For those outside of travelling distance there should be some live streams and hopefully an opportunity to interact. Last year we had Internet connection problems but I hope we can avoid that this time!

In between various other jobs, releasing podcasts and so on, I went to practice with my band 20lb Sounds on Thursday evening. We discussed our recording session the previous weekend, played some new tunes and made plans for to do more recording. I’ve probably said this before but my hope is that by the RR gig we’ll have a decent record to promote ourselves. On Friday I contacted the venue for the gig and tried to take care or more business. I also decided it was high time I did some minor DIY in the flat and fixed the trailing wires all over the place. I put the television on the other side of the room to the arial socket because I didn’t like the position. Yeah, smash the system… or something. The only problem being it left me with a long cable across the floor of the room. So I got some of those little plastic clips and set about clipping it around the door, then discovered during this that I didn’t have a hammer, it must have gone missing in the move. After hitting the clips with almost every heavy object in the flat that wasn’t nailed down (ironically) I gave up,  I had to buy a hammer. Nothing makes you feel more manly than walking down the street with a freshly bought hammer I must say, I learned that on the walk home. With the appropriate tools I managed to get all the cables fixed, including the phone within a couple of hours and it looks a lot better.

The blue drop Drupal logo

On Friday night I edited another video of my band. Our good friend Pete The Sheet videoed our last gig and it came out pretty well. I used OpenShot to stick on some titles and chop up the individual songs, releasing the first one “Blood On The Windscreen” on our website. I plan to keep posting a new song each week until the RR gig, there’s a lot of original material people haven’t heard yet. It may also help to publicise the event. I did spot some problems with my lovely Drupal 6 driven band site. I noticed at first that nobody could access the URL I made for the video unless logged into the site, that’s not right. Last night every page was titled “newsletter subscriptions” which is also wrong. It only happens when you’re logged in and not otherwise though. I’ll have to track down these gremlins and fix them.

I also wrote a 20lb mailing list update about gig tickets and new videos on Friday. Fab released the episode of Linux Outlaws we’d recorded on Monday as number 195 – “That’s A Very Nice Everything You Have There”. I’ve also been planning my big “Linux On The Desktop” talk  for Chester BCS on Wednesday night. I think I need to fill about an hour, which is not a problem I can talk for Britain, but it does make me a little nervous. More on that in a moment. I’ve just edited the next Free As In Freedom show for Bradley and Karen and you should be able too hear that next week. For now though, I think that brings us up to date.


Tonight I will be going to see David Rovics play live in Kirkby with some lovely friends and I can’t wait to catch up with him again. He played last year at the RR gig and we had a good chat afterwards. On Monday we’ll do Linux Outlaws as normal and give away another Meego netbook, that’ll be 3 of the 4. I’ve been invited to a music innovation day at Tate Liverpool on Tuesday and I’m not sure exactly what’s happening there. I have my big talk in Chester on Wednesday night and all our welcome to attend. I don’t have the exact room number yet but it will be at Chester University, my old stomping ground. It’s at 7pm and there’ll be demonstrations of Linux deskstops, the idea is to show people it’s not as scary as they think, and they might actually enjoy using Linux. I’ve found some limited details on the BCS website but I’ll try to get more and update this. There’ll be more band stuff, shouting about the gig and also a new Rathole Radio on Sunday. No doubt other things will also crop up, so I’ll let you know all about that next week.

Until then, take care of yourselves 🙂


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