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This hills are alive with the sound of music! …No, no don’t run away I’m not breaking into a musical number it’s ok, but I have released a lot of new music this week. I just wanted to tell you all a bit about it.

First up I launched the new 20lb Sounds website. In case you don’t know 20lb Sounds is my band, in which I play guitar and sing. We’ve been going about 6 months now and it was high time to dump our scabby old holding page and move to a proper website. I’ve duly built a new Drupal site where you can find videos, news, music downloads (obviously) and sign up to join our 20lb Army. We want to build it into a community and get people involved. It’s early days but I’m on a massive marketing drive right now to get the word out. So if you’re at all interested in great free music, and let’s face it who wouldn’t be, head over to and sign up now. Leave us a comment, share the items on social networks and generally be a pal. We’d really appreciate it 🙂

Check out our cool new logo for which I have to thank my wonderful friend Miss Ana Bee.

On a slightly more personal note I’ve also just released my song in support of all the writers toiling away for NaNoWriMo right now. It’s an annual challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days and many people take it up. Lots of my friends from Scribblepool are doing it. You can read more about the story behind the song and download it free from my main site.

That’s about all I have right now so I’ll leave you in peace. I’d just like to say I’m really grateful to all my friends and family for supporting my music and I thank you all.

Take care of yourselves. I’ll be back with another Weekly Rewind very soon.


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