Sneek Peek

Hello folks,

It’s been a long time since I updated the blog and let you all know what’s happening. Obviously I’m very busy organizing OggCamp and planning for the Rathole Radio gig at the moment. I hardly seem to get time to even post photos lately but you know what…..

Drums in the living room
The Kitchen/Practice Room

….I still find time to rock 😉 Hear for yourself , click the link below.

The Unnamed Band – “Jumping Jack Flash”

That’s a clip of the band I’ve put together for the gig. You’ll be able to see us in Liverpool this Friday. I play guitar and sing, we also have Gary on the bass and Ross on drums. I think it’s sounding pretty good, not a perfect recording but hey this just a mic in our practice room.

Hear the rest of the set at the gig Friday 30th April at 8pm in the Bad Format Social Club. You can watch and listen online at if you can’t be with us in Liverpool. Don’t miss it.

Hope to get back to writing more updates after event madness subsides. Take care one and all.



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