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BBC pods and blogs album art coverOk so I stole that title line from Ben Elton but it has been an exciting week. In keeping with my general “OMG I’m too busy to blog right now” demeanour of late, I just want to direct you towards my appearance on the BBC Radio 5 Pod’s & Blogs show this week. It’s only a few mins long but I was very kindly asked to come on and talk about Rathole Radio by host Jamillah Knowles. We recorded the interview last Thursday and had a really nice chat about all kinds of stuff. I recorded my end of the call, processed it and sent the audio to Jamillah as I normally do for Linux Outlaws. Apparently this impressed the engineers down at BBC central, so if you’re in need of any audio work folks give me a shout 😉

Download the podcast here

I hope you enjoy the interview. We talked about Creative Commons and how it influences the show. The original chat was about 10mins but I expected it would be edited down. It sounds great anyway. I also managed many plugs for the Rathole Radio gig of course. Many thanks to @yaMatt for suggesting Rathole Radio to the beeb. The podcast is only available for 7 days apparently, I have no idea why but please download it now if you’re interested. Apologies if you’re reading this after that date.

I’ll give more updates in the coming days as and when time allows. There’s so much to tell you that I might have to write a really long recap (or perhaps a book) after the OggCamp dust settles. (Don’t mention dust to me at the moment, or volcanoes)

I’ll speak to you soon, take care of yourselves.


UPDATE: I’ve uploaded a copy of the podcast here because it’s now gone from the BBC servers. I don’t know why they delete podcasts after 7 days but it’s their policy. You can download the show here. I will remove this file immediately if the BBC contact me with a complaint. I just want people to be able to hear the show and if anything that promotes rather then hurts them 🙂


  1. Well done mate! 🙂 Listening to this now.

  2. @redbrain – Thanks, it’s about 12 or 13mins in I think. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Excellent stuff Dan, very good explanation of CC and a good plug for the roadshow and you even got LO a wee mention too 🙂

    for others, the section starts at about 14:04.

    • @kennyd – Thanks mate! Oh and thanks for finding the exact timing for it. I probably should have done that but it slipped my mind.

  4. Do you have a direct link? They took it off the front page.

  5. @mjjzf – Sorry I don’t. For some reason the BBC only keep the podcasts up for 7 days. I said that in the article but it makes no sense to me. I checked the feed and they only have the latest ep. I’ll try to find a copy of the file and mirror it somewhere but I don’t know if I’m allowed under BBC rules.

  6. Well, they can hardly complain if they were supposed to be mirroring it in the first place, right? If you upload it, you can add a notice that you would love to take it down when they provide the link.

    • @mjjzf – Good point. I’ve got the file on my n900 still so I’m gonna upload it somewhere for people to grab. If they ask me to take it down then I’ll have to deal with it then.

    • I’ve updated the article with a link to my copy of the podcast now. Hope you enjoy it everyone 🙂

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