I Am A Wookie!!

Ok, a completely bizarre post for you today, but I just had to share this with everyone. I was sent this in an email by faithful Linux Outlaws listener and friend of the show Les “Quarter” Pounder. It’s a Linux Outlaws Christmas card he’s made up and I think it’s hilarious. He says his photo editing skills aren’t up to much and I’m sure some GIMP gurus could make this more realistic, but you know what? I don’t care. I like it as it is. So here you go, enjoy…

I am a wookie
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I wish I had that much hair these days Les, thanks! After seeing this I was reminded of a Chewbacca song I’d heard many years ago. It went “I am Chewbacca, I am a wookie!”, and after some searching online I actually discovered there are 2 Chewbacca songs. One of them was used on the soundtrack to Clerks, an all time favourite film of mine. I already talked about going to see Kevin Smith in London earlier this year, so I won’t bore you with that again. This is the song that was in the film, complete with a bit of the audio from Clerks as an intro…

It’s by a band called Supernova, but that wasn’t the song I had in my head. I kept searching and found the one I wanted in the end. Turns out it’s by DVDA, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s band. You will probably know them best for South Park, another favourite show of mine. I always knew they had a band and they could really play, just listen to their work on the Chef Aid album with Issac Hayes, but I didn’t know this song was by them. One thing is for sure though, Chewy is cool and he always has been. I watched Star Wars IV on TV the other day and something struck me. At the end when the others all get medals for saving the universe Chewy gets nothing. Where’s the justice man? He saved their asses for most of that film. Pah! Anyway, this tune rocks and it’s my personal favourite Chewbacca song, so rock out to this live version and sing it with me “I am Chewbacca, I am a Wookie!”…

Ok don’t, be like that. I’ll do it on my own. I’m off to start a Justice For Wookies campaign, I’ll get Joanna Lumley on board and we’ll be on the news by tea time 😀


  1. I will join your Justice for Wookies campaign. I believe in justice for all, and Wookies are ‘people’ as much as we are.

  2. I rather like my strapping pants in that picture, LOL. Cap’n Tightpants for sure… 😀

    Before you go all ballistic on the Rebel Alliance, remember that after the Battle of Yavin, they were still very much a ragtag group of broke scoundrels, even if they had a princess in their ranks. I’m sure they made these medals five minutes prior to the celebration out of discarded X-Wing blaster couplings. The probably didn’t have a decorative band long enough to fit around Chewie’s neck. Maybe they’d used it all up for Han’s medal. Also, remember how he reacts when people he doesn’t know touch him. Maybe that Admiral was scared… 😉

    On that account, can someone explain to me how Lea is a princess when she’s the adopted daughter of a mere senator and nobody is supposed to know Amidala was her mother? Sounds like a plot hole to me! Credit to my girlfriend for figuring that out, I’d always thought people should pay her to find faults like this. You listening, Mr. George Lucas? 😛

  3. @Fab – Star Wars is full of plot holes I agree. They’re a bit like GPL violations, you could find one every day if you really looked. Lucas didn’t spend long on the plot 😀

  4. Well, about thirty years in total from what I’ve read… 🙂

    • @Fab – Then he should have spent a bit longer, the plot holes in the Star Wars universe are well documented. As if he cares, he can go back to Skywalker ranch and jump into his swimming pool of money, all while laughing at us 🙂

  5. Wookies?

    everyone knows when they accept a medal they roll on it a few times, chew on it a bit & bury it under an x-wing.

    Leia knew this so she waited after the ceremony to give it to him. We have the tape…

    I am Chewbacca, I am a Wookie

  6. I remember a friend of mine pointed this out right after we first saw the film, way back when, and I replied that, as Captain of the vessel that helped save the day, it was Han Solo’s call that they do what they did. The wookie was only taking orders. He certainly showed valor under fire, but, in the end, it simply wasn’t his decision to make.

    And, anyway, we don’t even know what those metals were technically for…they could have been for good hygiene, or perfect attendance.

  7. @lostnbronx – Ha, I love how everyone is getting worked up about this Star Wars argument. Interesting points, but I still think Chewy deserved some love. If the medals were for hygiene then maybe you are right though, I can’t argue that 😀

  8. “and I replied that, as Captain of the vessel that helped save the day, it was Han Solo’s call that they do what they did. The wookie was only taking orders. He certainly showed valor under fire, but, in the end, it simply wasn’t his decision to make.”

    LOL. You are acting as if this was the military! We are talking about the frakking *REBEL ALLIANCE* here. They don’t even have proper uniforms! Have you seen what all the generals are wearing prior to the Battle of Endor? 😀

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