Weekly Rewind #42

rewindlogoAt last we’ve made it. Weekly Rewind number 42, the meaning of life. I’m not actually going to explain the meaning of life to you here right now hough sorry. Mainly because I don’t know it myself, I would share it if I did sadly but I’m not as smart as Deep Thought. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here then I urge you to check out The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, a series by the inimitable Douglas Adams. He died tragically before his time but left us some amazing literature as a legacy. So, this is all well and good but it isn’t addressing the question of what I’ve been up to this week in any way. So let’s get into that.

It all started on Monday (as weeks often do I find) with the processing and release of Rathole Radio from the night before. The show went well and I enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully somebody enjoyed listening to it as well. After that it was on to preparation for Linux Outlaws, which as it turned out was very late. We were delayed by a few different things but finally got started sometime after 8pm. The show went well as usual, with great feedback from the IRC channel. I got to work editing that on Tuesday and finished it up on Wednesday ready for release. I then headed out to Liverpool LUG on Wednesday night, where we had a great talk on LVM and RAID by Tom Hall. There were a lot of questions and some great discussion afterwards. I had what I would call a working knowledge of RAID beforehand from work, but I’ve never really used LVM so it really helped to talk about it and learn more. I always thought you could only really use LVM to concatenate many drives into larger storage units, a bit like RAID 0. I didn’t realise it did mirroring and so many other cool things. I’ll have to investigate it further. It won’t be much use on my laptop with one drive but could be helpful for the studio machine with multiple drives. I recorded the audio from Tom’s talk with my trusty H4, but at the time of writing I haven’t processed and uploaded it anywhere yet.

AKA NanoWrimo
AKA NanoWrimo

On Thursday and Friday I did some work in the studio amongst other things recording a new track. It’s just a funny little tune I wrote in support of my friends who’ve been doing NanoWrimo all of November. I chickened out of the challenge myself for many reasons, mainly because of lack of time and the enormity of the task, but I did say I’d write a song to support them half joking. Turns out my brain thought different and the tune popped into my head a day or two later. I’ll let you know once there’s a demo available. I also did some more research into Fedora 12 and began writing about that. The article isn’t finished yet but I’ll let you know as soon as it is. Fab released another bonus episode of Linux Outlaws on Friday, our interview with Pat Davila of TLLTS about MythTV and other things. It’s not been out long but I’ve heard some good feedback already and I hope everyone enjoys it.

On Saturday I did a quick bit more work adding guitars to the Nano song. It’s still not ready for the ears of the wider world, but I hope to get there soon. After that I headed out to the LivLug 5th Birthday Bash at the Everyone with my good friend Will (@chemist). We had a good night and I was pleased to catch up with some people from the writing group there as well. We stayed in the Ev most of the night where we had plenty of food and drink. It was a great night. I was pleased to see everyone there and I hope we gave LivLug a fitting tribute on it’s anniversary. That brings us up to today where I’ve not done too much as yet. I’m about to edit the next Software Freedom Law Show, eat dinner and hopefully get some other bits of work done. Not necessarily in that order.


There’ll be more Outlaws live tomorrow as always. I’ll be preparing for Rathole Radio at the weekend, hopefully publishing this Fedora article and no doubt finding other things to get up to. Join me next week for a full report on all that. Until then take care of yourselves and wrap up warm. It’s getting cold out there.

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