Weekly Rewind #40

rewindlogoHowdy folks, welcome to another Weekly Rewind. It’s the big four oh already! Forty, I can hardly believe it. That’s the series by the way, not me, before you get any funny ideas. I may look about 40 but in I don’t even hit 30 till next year, honest. My goal in starting this series was to write an update every single week and so far I’ve pretty much managed it. I did miss one week, so we could be up to 41 by now but there’s no sense in crying over spilt milk. Right, I’m going to start with Tuesday this time, I was late with last weeks article and already covered Monday.

So, on Tuesday I synced up the recordings of Linux Outlaws from Monday night and sent them back to Fab. He edited and released that show as episode 122 on Wednesday night. I also processed and released Rathole Radio later, then recieved some very good news as I heard it’s been nominated for an award!!  It’s in the music section over at PodcastAwards.com and you can vote every day if you like. I’d be eternally grateful if you did, though I wouldn’t blame you if every day is too much. Also be sure to vote for Linux Outlaws in the tech section while you’re there please, thank you!! I’d be amazed if either show wins anything, but with some vote rigging you never know, we may just have a chance. After some delay I spent most of Wednesday installing and testing OpenSUSE 11.2, I continued to do that over the next few days and I’m still working on the article as I write this, but I hope to have that published in a couple of days. We’ll also be comparing OpenSUSE 11.2 and Fedora 12 on Linux Outlaws tomorrow night in what we’re calling our “distro shoot out”. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!


I spent a fair bit of time this week working on XHTML/CSS and design stuff outside of testing OpenSUSE and editing audio. I’ve got a few sites I really need to sort out, this one itself being the main problem. I’ve been saying for at least a year now I’d get all my music stuff imported here and really set the main site up as a hub for my online activities. Other jobs keep getting in the way but I’ve finally made some progress with both the design and the code. I hope to be able to show you that soon. So watch this space. Over the weekend I’ve been doing various things, many of which escape my feeble memory now. One thing I can remember however is our interview with Pat Davila of Linux Link Tech Show and MythTVcast fame. We recorded this afternoon and had a great time. I know nothing about MythTV but luckily Fab has a mythbox, so they were able to talk about the technicalities. We also discussed how Pat first got into Linux, and even football (the proper kind), a subject very close to my heart. Just to the left actually 😉


We’ll be recording and streaming another Linux Outlaws live tomorrow night at the usual time, 7pm UK (8pm CET). Come and join us if you can, we’ll have a lot of fun chatting on IRC. It’s your chance to affect how the show turns out in some way and become a part of it. I’ll be editing the show this week too. I’ll also publish my OpenSUSE review, get some more coding done, prepare for another Rathole Radio and god knows what else. Join me next week to find out how that goes.

See ya,



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