Weekly Rewind #37

rewindlogoIt’s that time of the week again. Yep that’s right, the time of the week where I bore you to death with the events of my life. As week’s go this one’s been a fairly quiet for me, but only in comparison to all the crazy weeks that went before. I do have plenty of stories to relate though, so let’s get to it.

On Monday I drove back from Wolverhampton with Fab and just got the hire car returned in time not to be charged. It was touch and go, but some creative driving helped me out and also the bloke at the hire place was really cool. We didn’t do a live show that night because we were so tired and we’d done one at Oggcamp the day before.ย  That recording has been released now in all it’s uncut glory, with swearing and everything. How rock and roll of us. We justย  need to throw a telly out of a hotel window now to really seal our mythical status. I have 3 problems with that plan though: 1) I can’t afford a telly, 2) I can’t afford a window and 3) I can’t afford the law suit when it lands on someone and kills them. I’ll have to keep working on an alternative plan I guess. On Monday night I did still manage to edit a new episode of the Software Freedom Law Show and ship it over to Bradley, no rest for the wicked. On Tuesday I wrote an overdue blog update. We also interviewed Alan Pope of the Ubuntu UK Podcast in the evening. You’ll be able to hear that in the next Linux Outlaws.

ubuntulogoOn to Wednesday, where we loaded my little Nissan Micra up with PA gear and headed out to my mate’s house to drop it off. I find it mildly ironic that the PA actually loaded into my car much easier than it had loaded into the big executive car we’d hired for the weekend. It’s amazing what you can fit in a hatchback I suppose. I dropped Fab off at the airport for his flight home later and then finally delivered some microphones to another friend before hitting home. On Thursday I started to feel a bit rough after all the exertion of the weeked and tried to take it a bit easier. I also missed the Chester LUG meeting in the evening sadly, I’ll have to make it up to them in future. I did manage to do a lot of work on my mammoth Ubuntu Karmic review, which worked out well because it was actually released on Thursday. It’s been really well received and sent the blog stats crazy. I’ll have to remember that for big distro releases in future. Get an article out on the release day and ride the wave of publicity. On Friday I wrote about Oggcamp for our Linux Outlaws blog. I also did some general admin work, caught up with my bank accounts, had a cry (after seeing my credit card bill) and then headed off to Manchester in the car. It was the Ubuntu Release Party at the Pitcher & Piano in Deansgate and I was really pleased to catch up with some good friends again. I chatted to many people, saw a couple of fellow LivLUG members and generally had a great time. There was some drama on the way when my car stereo went off, then began to emit a very loud beeping noise as I drove along. I switched it off and managed to kill the beeping, but I wasn’t sure what it actually meant. I couldn’t see any obvious warning lights on the dashboard so I just hoped it wasn’t anything serious and kept driving. Stiff upper lip and all that, the British approach. Ignore the problem as long as you possibly can and only deal with it when you have no other choice. The car kept driving fine which was a relief, especially as I was doing 70mph on the M62 at the time. I drove home with the radio off again and the car seemed ok. I’ve since established that it’s the security lock on my radio, it must have been triggered somehow. I need to enter a key code to unlock it and guess what? I don’t know the code, so I’ll have to keep trying to track it down. I think there’s something odd going on with the electrics in the car to be honest, it’ll have to be serviced ASAP.

eddie-izzardThat brings us neatly to the weekend. Yesterday I edited our interview with Popey, did some other bits of web admin and then went out to see Eddie Izzard at the Liverpool Echo Arena. It was an amazing show and I enjoyed it a lot. The first time I’ve ever seen Eddie live in person and not on DVD or whatever. He was really funny in his usual rambling manner. I can’t really explain all the jokes but just for the benefit of anyone else who happens to see him on this current tour I will say 2 words… jazz chicken. That will mean absolutely nothing to 99% of you, but hopefully somewhere there’s one person chuckling. After a long wait stuck in the car park at the arena I headed for the Everyman and stopped in to visit some of my writer friends. The gang I did Script Frenzy with are doing a new challenge to write a novel in a month, crazy people. It runs for the whole of November and it’s called Nano Wrimo. It looks like an interesting challenge but the way things have been going for me lately I didn’t feel I could commit to it this month. I will try and show my support for the others though of course. I did that by wandering around generally distracting them from their work and feeling rather smug. I’m sure they appreciated that. Today I’ve been preparing for Rathole Radio most of the time. I have the set list sorted now, I’ve got a “words of wisdom” clip and I’ve even practiced the live songs, twice! So I’m feeling pretty good about that.


Next week we have a Linux Outlaws live show at 7pm UK on Monday. We’ll include our interview with Popey and no doubt find plenty else to talk about too. I’ll also aim to process and release this episode of Rathole Radio from tonight during the afternoon. On Wednesday it’s Liverpool LUG again and we’ll be starting to plan our 5th birthday party. That’s going to be epic. I’m not sure what else I have planned right now but I know there’s definitely other stuff. I’ll report back on all that next week. Till then, take care of yourselves and be good, or if you can’t do that at least hide the evidence ๐Ÿ˜‰

See ya,



  1. Great post Dan — which I very much appreciate. I live vicariously through others. This week it’s you.

  2. We could always do it like the Conchords and throw a TV out a window by accident… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’ve got an old computer monitor you can have but you’ll have to cover the windows yourself ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Heh. I just got the symbolism of smashing some windows.

    • @sam – I hadn’t thought about the symbolism of that either. Very fitting ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for all the comments everyone.

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