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orgAs many of you know I’ve been supporting the Open Rights Group for some time. You’ll see the little banner in the sidebar of this site.ย  They campaign on behalf of ordinary people in the UK and try to protect our collective digital rights from new threats, which seem to pop up almost daily. I’ve talked about the proposed “Three Strikes” law in the UK before and how it won’t help artists, only large media conglomerates, who would rather criminalise people than bring their business models into the 21st Century. If like me, you live in the UK and you’d like to add your voice to this debate, have a look at the ORGs new campaign. You can add your picture and message for Lord Mandelson to the growing number appearing at threestrikes.openrightsgroup.org. I’ve added my message, here’s a screen shot so you can see. Click to enlarge if you want to read the text.

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If you’re a UK citizen and you care about people being cut off the Internet with no proof of guilt, just on the accusation of content industry reps, please join the campaign! You can also write to your MP and let them know how you feel. We have to do everything we can to stop this draconian law dragging us back into the dark ages. The French have already fallen for the HADOPI law, let’s not compound that mistake. It won’t stop Internet piracy, it will only drive it further underground, hurting ordinary people and besides, it’s completely impractical to implement anyway. I hope common sense will win the day, but it won’t without our support. So let’s stand together and send a message to Mandy.

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  1. @x1101 – I appreciate that, thanks! I’m amazed the US hasn’t done this already actually, what with the DMCA and past record on these matters. Keep an eye out.

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