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barcampmanchester2This is just a quick event post but for all the International readers I apologise, if you don’t live within traveling distance of Manchester in the UK, this isn’t going to be very relevant to you. So you might want to duck out now, I understand. The rest of you, come closer and listen in.

I realise this is very last minute, as with many things I do, but Manchester Barcamp 2 (“this time it’s personal”, my tagline not theirs) is happening this weekend, 7th & 8th of November. Entry is free and there’s even going to be free beer I was told thanks to the sponsors. Free as in beer, nice! It’s an overnight Barcamp and you can stay there too if you like, you have to bring a sleeping bag though so don’t expect any 5 star hotel rooms. There are some spare places left and it could be a really good opportunity to meet other techy types, make business contacts and generally geek out. It’s happening atย  Contact Manchester. Registration opens at 9am on Saturday and the welcome session will start at 10:30am I believe. If you’ve got some free time over the weekend come down and see some talks, even give a talk if you want, it’s gonna be fun. I’ll be there on Saturday afternoon and I’ll be around certainly into the early evening at least, if not later. Come along and say hello, I’d be pleased to meet you and have a chat.

You can reserve your place for free at the Barcamp Manchester 2 website now, so go and do it! There’s also travel information and anything else you could need on the site.

This one time, at Barcamp..
This one time, at Barcamp..

In case you’re confused by the whole Barcamp concept (I know was before I went to one), it’s basically a tech conference with no set agenda or schedule. People come along and sign up to give talks on the day, so anyone can get involved. Ad hoc sessions are usually thrown together as the event goes on and it’s all driven by the attendees. If there’s something you want to see or hear about, you can make it happen. If nothing else it will give you the perfect excuse to start stories with the line “and then this one time, at Barcamp…”. You can find more detailed information about the Barcamp idea on Wikipedia.

Hope you can make it along if you’re withing traveling distance, I’ll see some of you there ๐Ÿ™‚



    • @dick_turpin – I know, sorry mate. We did talk about it on Linux Outlaws a couple of weeks back. I only discovered I could make it myself in the last 24 hours. I’d heard they were well overbooked so I didn’t advertise it too much. Then I just dicscovered they had places left last night. Doh! I’ll try and let people know earlier next time. I am a failmeister ๐Ÿ˜‰

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